Vote against special interest money

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Corporations and special interest groups have lavished untold amounts of money on the vast majority of those men and women we send to Congress to represent us, in effect, purchasing their influence when considering legislation. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty. Many of the bills, which eventually become law, are now written by special interest lobbyists. We the people are not being equally represented.
There is a very important election coming up on Nov. 6, when we will elect our representative for the Ninth District. The contrast between the two candidates vying for this privilege could not be clearer.
Throughout his time in Congress, Morgan Griffith has happily accepted as much special interest money as was offered him. Anthony Flaccavento, on the other hand, does not accept any special interest money. He has raised all the money for his campaign with donations from individual citizens. By the time Election Day arrives, Flaccavento will have held over 100 town halls and meet and greets covering every corner of our district, listening to his constituents’ visions for the future of our district. When was the last time Mr. Griffith was in our district to listen?
The corrupting influence of money in our elections is a serious problem that must be dealt with before we can recover any semblance of a representative democracy and make an impact on how this government does business. A new revolution is needed. One where voters make it crystal clear that they will not vote for any candidate who accepts one penny of special interest money. This is a non- partisan issue that everyone should be able to get behind. We can start this revolution here in the Ninth District with this election. Do not vote for a candidate because he has an “R” or “D” in front of their name. Vote for the person whom you feel has our best interests at heart and will fight for the Ninth District with passion, dedication and the know-how to get things accomplished for our district.
Vote for representation! Vote against special interest money!
Scott Webster
Mouth of Wilson