A Visit to "Exotic" North Carolina

I thought this week I would share some recent photos of some not-so-local animals but, yet they do live in western North Carolina.  I had a chance to visit the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC on Saturday.  It was quite an experience, this coming from someone that has never even been to a zoo before and probably the most exotic thing I had saw to date was the Luna Moth hatching out on my front porch this summer.


It is a 3 ½ mile ride that you aren’t soon to forget, everything from the ground draggin bellies of the pot-bellied pigs to the massive horns of the Watusi cattle, kids and adults can’t help but to marvel at all the different animals abounding around the area.  Around every corner is another “pack” of hungry, friendly animals awaiting the pellets from the bucket you have waiting inside your car window.  Some waited for it to hit the ground, others just held their mouths open and waited to be hand fed.  It was amazing to see the size of a rhinoceros just standing there covered in mud or to see a giraffe bowing its head down like some kind of animatronic animal and know that, “Hey, this is REAL and it is looking right at me!”

Even after you finish with the safari ride there are MANY other animals and sights to see.  They have all sorts of exotic birds, porcupines, camels, kangaroo and the very playful ring-tailed lemurs – and here I was thinking that I would have to travel to a foreign country to ever see any of these animals and yet it was less than 2 hours away.  I would definitely recommend the Lazy 5 Ranch to anyone with kids or even adults for that matter because you are guaranteed to see and experience things you probably haven’t before.  You can very easily spend an entire day watching and observing all the animals.  The one thing I will recommend is plenty of handi-wipes and germ-x oh yeah and don’t forget the camera!


You can find out more information about the Ranch by visiting their website, www.lazy5ranch.com.