Veterans beware when seeing VA doctors

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I’m curious to know how many veterans may be unaware that their doctor may be a contracted doctor, and not an employee of the Veterans Administration.
I’m seeking to find other veterans who are having issues or concerns, or have had a problem with the VA not paying for claims to go to local emergency rooms.
If the doctor you see at your community-based outpatient clinic is contracted, and he makes a mistake in his treatment of your care, you cannot file a tort claim with the VA. I’m trying to reach out to find other veterans who may have similar concerns, especially regarding their need to go to local emergency rooms.
If we need emergency care and are unable to drive to the Salem VA hospital and go to our local emergency room, the VA will deny the claim if they don’t think it was an emergency.
I’m trying to get some attention focused on this issue, through out senators, but I need the help of fellow veterans.
Please help me to help us all! If there are vets who are having problems with his issue, please call me at (276) 236-9619, Monday-Friday after noon.
Paulette McCoy