Vaughan supporters' claims disputed

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In rebuttal to Mr. Richardson’s point regarding hiring practices, why aren’t Grayson County people good enough to hire to patrol their own communities?
Sheriff Vaughn did hand pick who he wanted to hire.
While I applaud Mr. Ashby’s and Mr. Sawyer’s resumes, why not move the extra five minutes and pay taxes there just like the hardworking people of Grayson County that pay your salaries?
Regarding the training that Mr. Sawyer wrote of, why aren’t officers sent to the closest training facility instead of Bristol which is farther away? More taxpayer money spent.
The Races’ letter portrayed that Sheriff Vaughn spearheaded the marathon investigation that led to the capture of Hammer. That is not quite true. The Hudler/Miller murders on the tree farm were solved using Grayson County Sheriffs Office, Virginia State Police, North Carolina SBI, FBI, U.S. Marshalls, ICE (now Homeland Security), Ashe County Sheriff’s Department and the sheriff’s department in Florida.
When Hammer was apprehended in Florida and returned to face charges in Virginia, a photo shows Virginia State Police Officer Svard escorting Hammer off the plane. During the time the photo was taken, where was Sheriff Vaughan?
The other overworked officers were still on the job. Vaughn was on vacation as reported by The Gazette on Jan. 27, 2009.
Also, Vaughn was given credit for his hard work on the double murder‑suicide that occurred in Baywood on March 2, 2008. That case was worked by Virginia State Police, not Grayson County Sheriff’s office.
The murder of Brandon Billings has yet to be solved. Four years and still no arrest.
Krista Burnette