UPDATE: Fugitive caught after fleeing police

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A Carroll deputy was injured while chasing a man who ran from a traffic stop.

By Christopher Brooke, Reporter

HILLSVILLE ― A Carroll deputy will need surgery to recover from an injury to his leg that he suffered while chasing a driver from a traffic stop Tuesday evening.
At about 6:44 p.m., Deputy Barry Lineberry pulled over a vehicle on Sharp Road, near Oak Grove Road in the Laurel community, according to information from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.
The driver was Toby Lee Vaughn, who lives in the community, Sheriff J.B. Gardner said.

Lineberry took Vaughn into custody on an outstanding misdemeanor charge for destroying cemetery property, the sheriff said.
Lineberry handcuffed Vaughn, but Vaughn got loose and ran.
“I don’t know why you’d run on that [minor charge], but there you go,” Gardner said.
While giving chase, Lineberry suffered an injury.
“He was just running behind the guy and just blew a knee out,” Gardner said.
A tendon completely snapped, and the recovery time may be as much as six months.
It’s very unlikely that Vaughn would have gone to jail for a misdemeanor charge, but the Laurel resident now faces felony charges.
Authorities were still planning to meet with the commonwealth’s attorney and seek warrants from the magistrate on Wednesday.
Vaughn remained on the run until about 11:45 Wednesday morning, when he was caught on Mount Zion Road.
Virginia State Police troopers, a canine unit and a helicopter joined deputies in their search of the area around Sharp and Oak Grove roads Tuesday evening.
Vaughn is 23, according to his Facebook page.