A Touch of Fall

Well, it's that time of the year again.  For some people fall is a depressing time since they see it as everything dying and the growing season ending.  I have always saw it as another chance to see natures inner beauty.  It always reminds me of a grandmother meticulously stitching a patchwork quilt together the way all the colors are all different yet when viewed from afar they all make up a huge beautiful sea of color outlining every curve and peak of the mountains.


I always wonder what our ancestors must have thought the first time they stood atop a tall mountain and looked out to see mile after mile of bright fall colors.  I know it still takes my breath away.  From the yellow tones of the Poplars to the blazing reds and oranges of the sugar Maples, the hills are alive with color this time of year.  That first hint of wood smoke in the air, the crisp morning air and the rustle of the leaves as they hang on with all their might just to show off one more day.  Fall is a beautiful time of the year, you just have to “change” your views like the season is changing its.