Tips For Tots: Naptime

By Anne A. McGrady

Naptime is a comforting, relaxing, restful time for your child each day.  This time means that everyone gets a little rest and relaxation for a given time each day. (We Hope!)

This naptime routine can be difficult and may take some organization and planning but once established need to follow every day at the same time and same place unless you are not at home at the given time.


• Quiet relaxing music – not with words – soothing music – use low volume.

• Everything and everyone needs to be engaged in quiet time activities until the child is asleep and until the child awakes.

• When putting children down for naptime – remember no TV – children then understand it is naptime.

• Follow a routine such as:  lunch, maybe a warm bath – time permits – and nap cozy, quiet, relaxing.

• Let children know naptime is for relaxing, resting and is good for you.  It is not a punishment – then naptime comes easier.

• Allow child to select a stuffed animal, blanket or special toy used as security so that they can rest their minds and go off to sleep.

• Reading books eases and relaxes the child.  You could also record books and play them as child drifts off to sleep.

• If time permits, take a nap with your child and cuddle.  The rest time will last longer than if they napped themselves.  Sweet naptime dreams!

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