Tips for Tots: Mother's Love

By Anne A. McGrady

Love between mother and child may be hard to describe in words.  It is usually always accompanied by body manifestations, hands touching, faces smiling and eyes sparkling.  Body language allows us all to feel its presence and absence.  Body language is the most reliable way of understanding Tot’s feelings and desires.  Especially true of Tots who are pre-verbal.  Mothers extending good positive relationship demands that parents tune into a Tot’s non-verbal language.  In turn, Tots will learn what his/her parents’ body language tells him/her.

Most Tots are born with the potential to be loved through the display of body language.

Warmth can be expressed in body language by touching and getting on the same level.  Tots experience this as a newborn enjoy the warmth of his mother’s body.

Studies thus conclude that a mother’s bonding of love is a longer process through which Mothers and Dads build an enduring emotional investment with your Tot regardless of how soon after birth you hold your Tot.

Bonding does not occur at a specific time rather it merges and evolves as parents care for their Tots over the multitude of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months you are caring for your precious bundle of love.  Enjoy and cherish this special time. 

This year, surprise your mom and do something special for her this Mother’s Day.  It isn’t the present that she’s looking forward to, it’s you.  Appreciate her for all that she’s done, and all that she means to you.



References:  What Mother’s Day Means to Our Moms, Chris Kullstroem, 2013



• Other Things My Mom Will Do, by Mary Anne Richmond, Ages 4 & up

• I Want My Mommy, by Tracey Corduroy, Ages 4 & up

• My Mom, by Anthony Browne, 2005

{Tribute to all of the roles mothers play, from cook and gardener to the good fairy who makes a sad child happy and the juggler who juggles multiple responsibilities.  Best of all, according to the child who describes her, “SHE LOVES ME! (and she always will)”