Student curious about Virginia

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I am 11 years old and live in Washington state. I go to Conway School in Mount Vernon. I am a young fifth grader.
At my school we do state reports, so, I chose the great state of Virginia, of course! We are supposed to write to some newspapers in our state, so I chose your town.
I am writing to get more information and artifacts from the state.
You can help by sending me stuff like magazines, key chains, maps, postcards, or any other artifacts that you think might be cool for my report.
Thank you for taking my letter under consideration!
It really means a lot. This is a huge part of my grades, and I think this is a really cool project.  
It would be awesome to know about the citizens, religion, government, history, land, climate, and some other extra facts about the great state of Virginia. Thanks again!
Lauren Griffin
Conway School
Ms. del Bosque’s class
19710 SR 534
Mount Vernon, WA 98274