State, nation need stronger leadership

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In response to the tragedy where a mentally-disturbed gunman killed 12 people at a naval shipyard in D.C. — here again, pain and sorrow are felt where a system is broken in more ways than one.
The excuse this time was budget cuts by the Pentagon in security of our military bases.
The political climate in nothing but shameful and disgusting.
The president goes on speaking tours talking from both ends of the mouth. Congress cares more about vacations, running off at the mouth and name-calling.
Meanwhile, there is Syria, Russia, Iran and the slaughter of thousands of innocent souls by the use of chemical weapons. The Russian leader is a commie at heart and continues to support Syria and Iran with weapons of mass destruction.
Lord only knows what will happen as the threat grows more each day not only to the U.S. but to all the free world.
Not only the weather is cold, wacky and violent — leadership is amiss. Our once-respected nation is looked upon by the world as weak, with double talk and paralyzed by political bickering. A nation marred in deficit cannot afford to fight back.
Closer home, to the race for governor. One got a $100,000 donation to his campaign from business to shaft homeowners for gas drilling royalties. The other has a love affair with China and anti-coal mining. He and his family should move to China and stay there.
Virginia politics is like Washington, D.C. Money talks and B.S. walks.
When times are dark, let us not forget to pray. God be with us all the way.
Mitchell Robinson