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Notable quotes from the game

By Staff Reports

 “They’ve fallen in love with the idea of how good can we get. Whether we win or lose won’t matter in 30 years. But have you fallen in love with giving it your best every day? And when you have things go wrong in life, you’ll just keep working until you get to the other end of it. If the only thing they get out of the season is whether or not you get a ring, than we’re all miserable failures. But if the thing we take out of it is that if we work hard every day and get a little better, we can get through all things that are difficult.  This will all be forgotten, but hopefully these kids one day will be leaders in our community.”

––Galax coach Mark Dixon, Wednesday before the game.


“Two weeks ago he was eating hotdogs at halftime. Now he’s starting in the state championship game.”

––Clintwood coach Rick Mullins on qb/p Dalton Dahley.


“All season Deion’s been a great receiver. His stats show that he’s a playmaker. They came out early in kind of a cover-2 look, they dropped a man deep on Deion and they didn’t really have anything on me, so Pack thought he’d take a shot. They kept double-covering Deion so it pretty much left me wide-open.”

––Jacob Fisher on his three first-half catches for 51 yards.


“I knew I had to go get it somehow. I mean, it was crunch time and we were down three touchdowns. I knew I had to do something.”

––Deion George on his 47-yard TD catch in traffic.


“They’re a physical team. I’ll give them that. We knew coming into it, 13, 12 and 11 were all physical runners. They’d bring the wood.”

––Jacob Fisher


“I didn’t know it would come down to the last play but I knew they’d come back. They had too many good athletes to not come back. They put us in a position where we had to scramble for our lives. I know what it’s like to be in that other locker room, to work all year for something and have it snatched away from you, so my hat’s off to Galax. They’re an outstanding football team.”

––Rick Mullins


“Our season was great. I had a great time. I had a great time with Coach Dixon, he’s an awesome coach. It was just a great season.”

––Deion George


“It’s never great to lose. You just have to take it in stride and continue on. This isn’t the end of our lives. It’s the end of football for most of us, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

––Jacob Fisher


“It stings really bad right now, but these kids, I’m proud of them. I love them. I’ve coached two years in my whole life and it’s been with these boys. They handle themselves with dignity and through it all they kept fighting. I’d be proud of them if they’d never won a game because I know what kind of men they are. I know what they mean to our community. I know what they mean to all the kids they see every day who look up to them and how they’re humble and try to make a difference. Today’s tough, but we’ve all been blessed in our community to have these boys for two years.”

––Mark Dixon