Song about Independence deserves to be heard

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Did you know Independence, Va., has its own song? Well, it does, and it’s one of the prettiest songs you’ll ever hear.
A while back I was doing a YouTube search for my hometown. A song popped up played by the April Verch Band, named “Independence, Va.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!  Surely this was a mistake.
I e-mailed the band’s website and April Verch herself responded and told me how she had traveled here to attend Patti Rickman’s fiddle camp on Peach Bottom and met Gerry and Donna Correll and how she loved the area and the people.
I later found out the April Verch Band plays all over the world and is a pretty big deal. I was telling my wife about this lovely song and she listened to the download on my phone and agreed.
Recently, my wife and I were invited to attend a house concert at the Correllses featuring, guess who? The April Verch Band.
I found myself sitting behind legend Wayne Henderson, and a room full of local music talent, listening to “Independence, Va.” being played — live.
Wow. I glanced over at my wife after the song was finished (with loud applause) and noticed she had a tear in her eye. It couldn’t have gotten any better. Maybe, perhaps, this song could give our neat town a brand and a signature that will be a part of the new energy that seems to be growing within our town,
And, it’s a reminder for us to continue doing the things that make people feel welcome to our town. Things such as just being nice.
Please take time to find the song just like I did on YouTube (aprilverch.com or any music site) and see if you agree that there is a sense of pride to be able to say that we have a song named after our town, Independence, Va.
Chris Morton
Morton Realty
Independence, Va

Editor's note: We found a video for the song on YouTube. We agree that it is quite lovely. Give it a listen:


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