Scammer poses as worker for political campaign

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By Brian Funk, Editor

FRIES — A Fries woman has reported a potential phone scam that involves a caller who says they are from the Republican National Committee.
The woman, who asked that her name not be published, reports that she received a call last week from someone claiming to be from the RNC. “They went through a long spiel about getting more Republican-held seats in Congress, and needing a donation,” she said.
The caller asked if he could put her down for a $65 donation.
“I told him to send the information in the mail and I would consider it, as I was sure it was a scam,” she said. “He kept lowering the amount that he was asking me to commit to,” all the way down to $25. “And of course he was then going to ask me for my credit card information when he got me to commit to an amount.”
The woman said she asked repeatedly for the caller to send information by mail.
When he started to hang up, “I told him that I wouldn’t be watching my mailbox for the information since he didn’t even ask for my mailing address. So, I knew it was a scam.”
Later, when she checked her phone’s caller ID, the number the scammer called from was all zeros.
The woman said she shared her story to warn others to be aware of the scam.