RipTide finishes third as team, wins 10 gold medals

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 The Galax RipTide swim team concluded its 2010 summer swim schedule with an overall record of 8-5, placing third out of seven teams in the season-ending Blue Ridge Swim League conference meet.

“We accomplished a lot this season,” said RipTide coach Trace Lumpkin. “The team worked very hard to swim all four disciplines the correct way so they would not get any disqualifications when we swam at the annual conference meet.”

The team did incur two disqualifications, one in an individual event and one in a relay. “Our goal was not to have any, but considering other teams had many more than we did, I am very pleased with the outcome of the meet,” Lumpkin said. “I was so pleased with the preparation coaching staff did getting them ready for conference.”

Elkin won the conference meet, hosted by Dobson at the Armfield Center pool in Pilot Mountain, N.C. Reeves Community Center placed second and Galax finished third. Dobson, Wytheville, Wilkes and Carroll Wellness Center rounded out the field.

Galax increased its medal haul over last year, both in individual and relay events. RipTide swimmers, who ranged in age from 4 to 16, brought home 10 individual gold medals, along with six silvers and eight bronze medals. Among the relay teams, Galax won two golds, four silvers and two bronzes.

“If you multiply all those relays times four kids per relay, we brought home a grand total of 56 medals this year,” Lumpkin said.

With the conclusion of the summer season, Galax will begin its fall/winter and then its winter/spring seasons. The team does not get the opportunity to swim many meets during the offseason due to the fact that most localities do not field fall/winter/spring teams, but the team will occasionally find a meet to compete in, and it stays sharp with intrasquad competitions.

Galax also offers USA Swimming for those interested. There are additional fees required, such as USA Swimming membership and event entry fees, but Lumpkin said the rates are kept affordable.

“It’s a great program,” he said. “I wish more people would take advantage of this aspect of our team. This is our travel team. We travel throughout Southwest Virginia and swim on average one weekend a month at a meet.”

In the past, the team has participated in meets in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Waynesboro, Blacksburg and Radford, among other locations. Lumpkin said the USA Swim team tries to keep its meets within reasonable driving distance so overnight stay is not necessary. 

Children can start swimming on the RipTide team as soon as they are able to swim one length of the pool without assistance. They can continue to compete until age 18.

Young swimmers interested in participating with the Galax RipTide are encouraged to contact Lumpkin, who is the Galax Recreation Department’s aquatics coordinator.

Swimmers earning medals at the Blue Ridge Swim League conference meet are as follows:


8-under boys 100-yard individual medley: Cal Campbell silver; Joey Jordan bronze.

11-12 boys 100 IM: Isaac Tracy silver.

6-under girls 25 freestyle: Habeba Morsy gold.

9-10 girls 25 freestyle: Rawan Morsy silver.

11-12 boys 50 freestyle: Isaac Tracy silver; Stew Merdian bronze.

6-under girls 25 breaststroke: Habeba Morsy gold; Mia Llamas bronze.

6-under boys 25 breaststroke: Eli Gillespie silver.

7-8 girls 25 breaststroke: Hajer Morsy gold.

9-10 girls 25 breaststroke: Millie Cox silver; Savanna Lumpkin bronze.

11-12 boys 50 breaststroke: Isaac Tracy gold; Stew Merdian bronze.

13-14 girls 50 breaststroke: LuLu Cox bronze.

13-14 boys breaststroke: Austin Lumpkin bronze.

9-10 girls 100 freestyle relay: Rawan Morsy, Devon McKenna, Millie Cox, Savanna Lumpkin, silver.

11-12 boys 200 freestyle relay: Abdel Morsy, Stew Merdian, Isaac Tracy, Jared Cochran, gold.

13-14 boys 200 freestyle relay: David Cox, James Tompkins, Caleb Bartlett, Austin Lumpkin, bronze.

6-under girls 25 backstroke: Habeba Morsy, gold.

7-8 girls 25 backstroke: Sophia Haga, bronze.

9-10 girls 25 backstroke: Rawan Morsy, gold.

11-12 boys 50 backstroke: Abdel Morsy gold.

6-under boys 25 butterfly: Eli Gillespie gold.

7-8 girls 25 butterfly: Hajer Morsy, gold.

11-12 boys 50 butterfly: Abdel Morsy, gold.

7-8 girls 100 medley relay: Sophia Haga, Hajer Morsy, Habeba Morsy, Mia Llamas, bronze.

7-8 boys 100 medley relay: Macall Gillock, Levi Smith, Cal Campbell, Joey Jordan, silver.

9-10 girls 100 medley relay: Savanna Lumpkin, Millie Cox, Rawan Morsy, MiMi Pemberton, silver.

11-12 boys 200 medley relay: Abdel Morsy, Isaac Tracy, Jared Cochran, Stew Merdian, gold.

13-14 boys 200 medley relay: Caleb Bartlett, David Cox, Austin Lumpkin, James Tompkins, silver.


Other outstanding swimmers in the meet are as follows:

8-under girls 100 IM: Morgan Nichols and Sophia Haga Tied for 6th.

9-10 Girls 100 IM: Millie Cox 4th, Savanna Lumpkin 5th, Devon McKenna 11th, MiMi Pemberton 13th.

9-10 Boys 100 IM: Quincy Fichtel 10th, Andrew Jordan 11th.

11-12 Girls 100 IM: Chassney Hodge 9th, Hannah Smith 14th, Emma Morris 15th.

11-12 Boys 100 IM: Stew Merdian 4th, Jared Cochran 5th, David Cox 7th, Chandler McChesney 10th.

13-14 Girls 100 IM: LuLu Cox 12th,  Cameron Edmonds 15th, Ashley Jordan 17th

13-14 Boys 100 IM: Austin Lumpkin 4th, Caleb Bartlett 6th.

6-under Girls 25 Freestyle: Mia Llamas 8th, Carlie Todd 13th

6-under Boys 25 freestyle: Eli Gillespie 7th, Davis Reitzel 13th, John Cox 14th.

7-8 Girls 25 freestyle: Sidney Dillon 19th, Morgan Nichols 24th , Faith Hennis 31st

7-8 Boys 25 freestyle: Macall Gillock 17th, Cal Campbell 19th, Levi Smith 21st, Joey Jordan 28th.

9-10 Girls 25 freestyle: Savanna Lumpkin 6th , Rebekah Bennett 13th, Devon McKenna 14th, Victoria Bartlett 17th, Bailey Proden 19th, Hannah Taylor 26th , Lexi Leonard 29th, Sieara Nichols 32nd, Amy Thompson 33rd

9-10 Boys 25 freestyle: Jack Haga 9th , Luke Morris 22nd , Garrett Reitzel 30th, Jacob Caudell 35th.

11-12 Girls 50 freestyle: Chassney Hodge 6th, Morgan Tompkins 25th, Rachel Bennett 29th.

11-12 Boys 50 freestyle: Tate Haga 6th , Jared Cochran 9th , Chandler McChesney 14th, David Cox 19th, Andrew Hennis 20th, Connor McKenna 21st.

13-14 Girls 50 freestyle: Cameron Edmonds 14th, Haley Carpenter 17th.

13-14 Boys 50 freestyle: James Tompkins 8th, Todd Fichtel 12th.

15-18 Girls 50 freestyle: Brooke Nelson 13th.

10-under Girls 50 freestyle: MiMi Pemberton 9th , Rebekah Bennett 10th,  Lexi Leonard 12th , Sieara Nichols 15th.

10-under Boys 50 freestyle: Jacob Caudell 16th.

11-14 Girls 100 freestyle: Haley Carpenter 11th.

11-14 Boys 100 freestyle: Abdel Morsy 5th, James Tompkins 10th, Todd Fichtel 11th.

6-under Boys 25 breaststroke: Davis Reitzel 6th, John Cox 7th.

7-8 Girls 25 breaststroke: Morgan Nichols 9th, Sidney Dillon 10th, Faith Hennis 13th.

7-8 Boys 25 breaststroke: Cal Campbell 9th, Levi Smith 13th.

9-10 Girls 25 breaststroke: Bailey Proden 14th, Victoria Bartlett 15th, Hannah Taylor 22nd, Amy Thompson 24th.

9-10 Boys 25 breaststroke: Quincy Fichtel 5th, Luke Morris 12th, Andrew Jordan 15th.

11-12 Girls 50 breaststroke: Morgan Tompkins 14th, Hannah Smith 20th, Emma Morris 22nd.

11-12 Boys 50 breaststroke: Chandler McChesney 9th, Andrew Hennis 14th, Connor McKenna 16th.

13-14 Girls 50 breaststroke: Haley Carpenter 5th, Cameron Edmonds 15th, Ashley Jordan 17th.

13-14 Boys 50 breaststroke: James Tompkins 5th, Caleb Bartlett 7th, Todd Fichtel 8th.

6-under Girls 25 backstroke: Mia Llamas 6th, Carlie Todd 10th, Alison Frost 17th.

6-under Boys 25 backstroke: John Cox 11th, Davis Reitzel 13th.

7-8 Girls 25 backstroke: Sidney Dillon 25th, Faith Hennis 32.

7-8 Boys 25 backstroke: Macall Gillock 5th, Joey Jordan 21st, Levi Smith 22nd.

9-10 Girls 25 backstroke: Victoria Bartlett 18th, Bailey Prodin 19th, Sieara Nichols 20th, Hannah Taylor 21st, Amy Thompson 29th.

9-10 Boys 25 backstroke: Jack Haga 6th,  Luke Morris 16th , Garrett Reitzel 20th , Andrew Jordan 28th, Jacob Caudell 30th.

11-12 Girls 50 backstroke: Chassney Hodge 5th, Rachel Bennett 26th, Morgan Tompkins 30th, Hannah Smith 35th.

11-12 Boys 50 backstroke: David Cox 8th, Andrew Hennis 14th.

13-14 Girls 50 backstroke: Ashley Jordan 9th.

15-18 Girls 50 backstroke: Brooke Nelson 11th.

6-under Girls 25 butterfly: Carlie Todd 6th.

7-8 Girls 25 butterfly: Sophia Haga 8th.

7-8 Boys 25 butterfly: Macall Gillock 8th.

9-10 Girls 25 butterfly: Millie Cox 5th, Devon McKenna 10th, Rebekah Bennett 12th, MiMi Pemberton 13th, Lexi Leonard 19th.

9-10 Boys 25 butterfly: Jack Haga 5th, Quincy Fichtel 9th.

11-12 Girls 50 butterfly: Rachel Bennett 11th, Emma Morris16th.

11-12 Boys 50 butterfly: Jared Cochran 4th, Tate Haga 5th.

13-14 Girls 50 butterfly: LuLu Cox 12th.

13-14 Boys 50 butterfly: Austin Lumpkin 7th, Caleb Bartlett 8th.

15-18 Girls 50 butterfly: Brooke Nelson 12th.

7-8 Boys 100 freestyle relay: Relay A Cal Campbell, Macall Gillock, Levi Smith, Joey Jordan, 4th.

9-10 Girls 100 freestyle relay: Relay B Victoria Bartlett, Hannah Taylor, Bailey Prodin, MiMi Pemberton, 10th; Relay C Sieara Nichols, Lexi Leonard, Carlie Todd, Amy Thompson, 12th.

9-10 Boys 100 freestyle relay: Relay A Jack Haga, Luke Morris, Andrew Jordan, Quincy Fichtel, 6th;  Relay B Jacob Caudell, John Cox, Garrett Reitzel, Eli Gillespie, 11th.

11-12 Girls 200 freestyle relay: Relay A Chassney Hodge, Rachel Bennett, Morgan Tompkins, Emma Morris, 6th.

13-14 Girls 200 freestyle relay: Relay A Haley Carpenter, LuLu Cox, Cameron Edmonds, Ashley Jordan 5th.

15-18 Girls 200 freestyle relay: Relay A Hannah Smith, Faith Hennis, Brooke Nelson, Rebekah Bennett, 6th.

15-18 Boys 200 freestyle relay: Relay A Todd Fichtel, Andrew Hennis, Connor McKenna, Chandler McChesney 6th.

9-10 Girls 100 medley relay: Relay B Victoria Bartlett, Devon McKenna, Hannah Taylor, Bailey Prodin, 8th; Relay C Amy Thompson Lexi Leonard, Sieara Nichols, Carlie Todd 9th.

9-10 Boys 100 medley relay: Relay A Luke Morris, Quincy Fichtel, Jack Haga, Andrew Jordan 5th; Relay B Jacob Caudell, John Cox, Garrett Reitzel, Eli Gillespie, 10th.

11-12 Girls 200 medley relay: Relay A Chasseny Hodge, Rachel Bennett, Morgan Tompkins, Emma Morris, 6th.

13-14 Girls 200 medley relay: Relay A Ashley Jordan Haley Carpenter, LuLu Cox, Cameron Edmonds, 5th.

15-18 Girls 200 medley relay: Relay A Rebekah Bennett, Brooke Nelson, Hannah Smith, Faith Hennis, 6th.

15-18 Boys 200 medley relay: Relay A Tate Haga Connor McKenna Chandler McChesney, Todd Fichtel, 6th.