Readers' Hotline 5/27/13

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Finding help
My car broke down Tuesday morning on Pipers Gap Road. Lots of cars went right on by. I don’t remember any names, but three vehicles stopped to help me and go make calls, since I was in a no-signal spot. They got the tow truck to me. One couple even came to the garage in Fancy Gap to see for sure I had made it okay. You know who you are, with the baby goats. Thank you all so much. God bless you all and I pray you will have help when you need it someday.

Speak for yourself
This is a response to the call “no soup for you.” The one person in our apartment building who got mad about getting [a soup kitchen delivery] does not speak for all of us. I look forward to getting it once a week from the soup kitchen and they do a fantastic job. At times I am not able to get up and out and with the very few food stamps I get, I look forward to having them bring it. I’m sorry they had to stop because of one person and I wish they would continue. God bless them all.

Still a mess
You can say anything you want to about Obama. He inherited a mess. Bush sent my son to Iraq with lies about a war that should have never been. I think we are better with him than with Bush. I don’t care what you say. We don’t need a Republican in there. They are the ones that made this mess to start with and it will take years to ever get over it.

Not welcome
I don’t know why the world anyone would want to go to North Korea. Now that person that went over there is being put in prison. I don’t see why anyone wants to go to any foreign country that is against the United States, which that means about all of them.

Landing zone
The Galax Volunteer Fire Department was called to Gladeville School to direct a medical helicopter to pick up a patient. Children were on the playground and had to be rushed back into the school to make room for the helicopter to land. I would like to know why the helicopter cannot land at Twin County Hospital that has a landing pad specifically designed for medical helicopters. It makes no sense to me to risk the safety of children in schools and area neighborhoods, not to mention calling in volunteers of the fire department out of their jobs to prepare for the landing. And, the ambulance pulls up and sits and waits and sits and waits. Much like what happened last week at Felts Park when the patient and family sat in Felts Park for approximately 25 minutes when they could see the hospital from the park grounds. It is my understanding that the hospital is also a certified stroke center. So, patients that are experiencing stroke-like symptoms are [not getting] urgent medical care while they sit in the back of an ambulance waiting for the helicopter. It’s a shame that patients are then strapped with a bill from the transport service. If you or your family find yourself in this predicament, demand that your ambulance service takes you to the nearest hospital, not the nearest landing field.
Editor’s note: A reporter from The Gazette who was at the school site when the helicopter landed had different observations from the caller. The reporter says the children were not rushed back inside and were playing on the playground throughout, for about 15 minutes. Safety was not compromised at the school and neighborhood. Also, it should be noted that physicians refer to the “golden hour” in which a stroke can be treated without serious side effects. During this short timeframe, the patient is given a CT scan of the brain to spot evidence of a stroke. If, for example, the CT scanner at Twin County Regional Hospital were not working — and we understand that recently it was down temporarily — a patient would be flown quickly to the nearest hospital where that scan could be performed. The emergency protocol is to land a helicopter close to the patient and get them in the air as quickly as possible. Perhaps this incident you describe occurred while the scanner at TCRH wasn’t working. Demanding to be taken to a close hospital with a non-working CT scanner would not be in the patient’s best interest.

Poor horse
Whoever was starving that poor horse down there in Franklin County, I believe it was, needs about 10 years in a penitentiary. Anyone that bothers any animal at all needs to get jail time.

Fiddles return
Thanks to whoever put the fiddles back up Main Street. We have been missing them and wondered what went with them. We like them. I hope they leave them up this time. It is really nice for a bluegrass town like we’ve got.
Editor’s note: The Virginia Tourism Corporation provided Galax with an official “LOVE” sign made of fiddles last year. It has been reinstalled on the side of Chapters Book Store, at the corner of South Main and East Grayson streets in downtown Galax.

Braking in town
In response to “don’t tread on truckers.” I am a trucker and I don’t agree that it is necessary to jake brake in a populated area. You shouldn’t be driving in a way that would require jake braking. Truckers aren’t any more important than all the rest of the people that make this country run. We get paid for the job we do like everyone else. Stop paying us and see how many will be driving then. No one has to sit around listening for jake braking. It’s a very annoying sound. Jake braking is a good thing under the right circumstances. We shouldn’t be offending others while we do our job. Problem these days is that old-time skilled drivers are fading out and if a trucker did stop to help you these days, you probably wouldn’t understand his language. Drive safe and you won’t need to jake brake in town.

Work, work, work
If someone worked 8-10 hours a day on salary with a company that doesn’t give a 15-minute break in the morning, an afternoon break of 15 minutes and you stay and work during your lunch hour and you don’t get a 30-minute lunch break, is that against the law? With no overtime?

I am glad we have cops and most of them on the job here seem to do a pretty good job, but why do you keep printing pictures of people who were arrested? What good does it do? They are not on anybody’s most wanted list anymore. The cop does his job. The jailer does his job and after that, it is none of my business until the judge does his job. I have a right to know what happened, but I don’t need to gloat over their misery. Why don’t you use that space for something useful?
Editor’s note: Law enforcement officials who participate in our Arrest Reports feature do so because they feel printing photos of people arrested acts as a deterrent. As one police official put it, if people know their photo will be published in the newspaper, they might think twice about committing a crime.

Change locations
The police are always having road checks at Cardinal Stone on Edmonds Road. They also need to have a road check out toward the North Carolina line. These low life drivers think they can drive without anything coming by my house, driving reckless. We all have to pay, so why not them too? They drive like they are as legal as the next person is.

Found it racist
I was listening to President Obama’s little talk at Morehouse College. It was all about the black man. Black man did this, and black man did that. You know, a person should expect better from the president of the United States. To talk like that, with the office that he has, is nothing but racist. There is no wonder some people feel the way they feel. I hope I am not, but he clearly is. That is just not right. He should be impeached or whatever Congress has to do.

Sees favoritism
I read with interest the most recent Hotline about Galax City Schools. There is a huge problem of favoritism within the school system. I do believe it has caused the school system to become less than qualified school. Teachers, administrators, etc., with proper qualifications should be hired. Favoritism among the students should stop as well. Favoritism creates a bullying situation. Galax schools have the perfect opportunity. They are a small school system. Galax is a wonderful community. But, those in charge of the school system whether it be the school board, administrators, superintendent, etc., even city council, you all have a responsibility as well. Favoritism needs to stop. Carroll County elects its school board members. Maybe Galax City needs to go to that.

City is being fair
I’m calling about the post in the Hotline about trashcan enforcement. I completely disagree with this person. The City of Galax sent out notices last year to everybody in the city that they needed to try to get these trashcans or have some kind of trashcan. I drove through Fox Run and through Robinhood/Taylorwood area one day over the weekend during yard sales and there were high-end houses in Fox Run that didn’t even have a trashcan. I live in a neighborhood that is a lower income neighborhood. We could afford two of those trashcans. In my opinion, anybody in Fox Run that can’t afford a $44-$60 trash can, ought to not have their trash picked up. Clean up your trash. Get some trashcans. Whether it be one of the new ones or a different one. They are not being unfair. The city is being fair. The city actually needs to do more.