Readers' Hotline 5/11/11

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Make the money last
At the public hearing for the Grayson County School Board budget, it was apparent that the teachers only want what is best for them. Every school budget in Virginia is suffering this year due to state cutbacks. They claim the kids will suffer if they don’t get more money. Yet, the schools are still accredited and they have not had a raise in three years. Even if they got a raise, the tax increase would offset it for the ones that live in the county. Maybe they need to talk to their school board that has control of how the money is spent and get their raises, new books, new buses, and make repairs to the schools and then make the money last through the year by spending wisely. If the maintenance staff can’t get anything done, contract the work out. Some paint and new hardware on the Baywood School doors may last until that school is closed. Enough money has been spent on schools scheduled to close. Times are tough for everyone and I thank the board of supervisors for holding the line on this budget.

Rude Southerners
To the yankee and the southerner, you both are wrong. You both sound disrespectful. You both sound angry. My family is from the south but I was raised in the north, actually born in New York. Let me tell you, people act the same everywhere. I hate to say this because I am going to get a big response, but I am finding out that southerners — true southerners — are ruder than the yankees. Sorry about that, guys, but it’s true.

Back off
I get so tired of people calling in and talking about the principals of schools and the teachers and all the maintenance. Sounds like someone just wants something to complain about. And as far as the teachers, they have a hard job and what they are doing with most parents’ kids is just babysitting and some of them just don’t half mind. Be glad you have someone to teach your children when you don’t teach them right yourself. It is ridiculous calling the Hotline and throwing off on teachers and principals. Be glad you have a principal and a school and teachers around here. You could not have any of this. Quit complaining.

Stop the tax burden
I’m calling about Grayson County being in the red and they blame part of it on loss of population. Well, any young people with any good sense are going to move out of this county as soon as possible because there is nothing here for them. And, as far as the taxes go, the few of us that live here shouldn’t be burdened with paying higher taxes just to keep the county running that has nothing for us either. The way to cure this problem would be to straighten up the school board starting at the very top and then go down the line right down through the ranks of all the county personnel and straighten that mess out. Another way would be to impose a higher sales tax in which everybody doing business in the county pays something, and do away with these property taxes. Property taxes are wrong. It’s nothing less than just a way that a mob would collect money. Grayson is robbing people on property taxes. Use a higher sales tax — that way, everybody pays and it would be fair.

Collect the back taxes
Is Carroll County trying to collect the delinquent real estate tax or is it all talk? I’m interested in getting it collected. Some have to pay and some don’t. That’s not right.

Talking trash
I’d like to comment about the trash situation in Grayson County. I’m an Independence resident. I’ve also had trash thrown in my yard by people driving down the road, one block off Main Street. It’s a continuous problem. Some of the trash thrown out even had the person’s address and everything on it. The police told me they didn’t think there was a littering ordinance in this town or county and that they could not locate the person even with the address and prove that they threw out the garbage. In Galax they have prisoners picking up trash on the side of the road. In Independence we are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars paving and putting in sidewalks on Main Street. What are they going to do after the Fourth of July parade, when people walk up a block behind and see what the city really looks like. We need a littering ordinance. Where I come from it is up to $2,000 fine and 30 days in prison for throwing trash out of your automobile. It’s called a litter bug.

A hoax?
We are the Obama conspiracists. We fear that the so-called assassination of Osama bin Laden is a hoax. We believe that he has a secret lair under the ocean. He is making nuclear atomic warheads under the ocean. You may call us crazy — and we probably are, but that makes no difference.
Editor’s note: My fear is that the radioactive runoff into the ocean from the Japanese nuclear power plant will create a mutant, Godzilla-sized Osama bin Laden, which will crush Hawaii in a desperate search for President Obama’s birth certificate.

Holding out hope
I would hope the proposed tax increase by the City of Galax would be rescinded. We’ve had tax increases in the last 20 years due to increased appraisals. We have also had [rate] increases in water and sewer. I would hope Galax could try to keep our taxes lower.