Readers' Hotline 4/9/12

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Contributing to delinquency
What you see is what you get. Parents, don’t blame your teachers for your child’s bad grades, when he or she are told not to give up their cell phones by you. When a teacher is trying to teach class, they spend so much wasted time having to tell them that cell phones are not to be used in class. If only you could see what you have let them become. You are the one setting an example. Take a real good look before you blame others for your decisions. Don’t always put blame on teachers. Do the crime, pay the time.

Keep your word
I am disgusted with the new school board in Carroll County. These people got elected because people were tired of wasteful spending. This new group uses their platform. Carroll Schools are funded better than any school in the area. Instead of looking for ways, this group is asking for more money. I cannot afford a tax hike. I, like most people, am barely surviving. Brian Spencer compares Carroll County to Northern Virginia. If you want a true comparison, look at Carroll’s region. Start getting rid of administrative office people for a start. They ran for office on keeping Woodlawn open and cut spending. Well, school board, keep your word. We are getting tired of this stuff.

Speak out
People, if you are tired of the reckless spending by the school board, come to the meeting April 9 at 6 p.m. at Carroll County High School and let them know you are not in favor of a tax increase. We can’t afford a tax increase in this county. Come out and show your support.

Vote will count
Please attend the board of supervisors of Carroll County meeting on April 9 and vote if you do not want your taxes to go up. You should vote.
Editor’s note: To be clear, no one can actually “vote” at the meeting. You’ll be able to voice your concerns, but comments taken at a public hearing are not binding votes, just information for consideration.

In hiding
I’m calling about the “still innocent” comment about people listed in the paper for indictments. I’ve got a couple of friends also that have been in there and they are ashamed to leave the house because their name was on the front page of the paper and stuff. I just think it is unfair to them.
Editor’s note: So you want the newspaper to not report about any person charged with a felony, ever? Sorry, but we think a majority of our readers want to know if there’s an accused sex offender or killer or whatever living next door. At least they can keep the door locked at night. And as stated previously, an indictment is a formal charge, it does not mean someone is proven guilty of the offense.

Some people
Some people that don’t go to church need help. You need to try to help everyone. Some people that go to church do worse than people that don’t. Going to church is not going to get you into heaven. Some people think you have to be in church every time the church doors open. Some people go to church, dress top notch and brag about it. I’m better off not going.

Busing questions
We seem to be in dire need of money and cutting costs in the county, especially in our school system. What I understand is there is at least a bus that goes up in Grayson Highlands School area from Carroll County. It comes up and brings children to school in this area and goes all the way back to Carroll County, then picks them up again in the afternoon and then back down. Looks like that is a big waste. Could we check into this and see if we are not wasting a whole lot of money? I would like to know why some school bus drivers get to take the bus back and forth to their homes and some have to take their cars.

Still going up
I heard on the news that the price of a barrel of oil has dropped somewhat, yet in our area, it goes up and up. Why? They claim the price of oil affects the price of gas. Oil goes up $1 or $2, gas will go up 15 or 20 cents a gallon. Oil comes back down a couple of dollars, gas still goes up. Something has got to be done. Surely somebody can do something about it. The government may ought to step in.
Editor’s note: Crude oil prices reportedly make up 72 percent of the price of gasoline. According to About.com, the rest of what you pay at the pump depends on refinery and distribution costs, corporate profits, and state and federal taxes. “Usually, these costs remain stable, so that the daily change in the price of gasoline accurately reflects oil price fluctuations.” Other factors can be a change in refinery capacity, the cost of more expensive summer blends of gasoline, and speculators bidding on expected demand. Some national experts expect gasoline prices to spike in mid-May at around $4.25 per gallon.

Absolutely not
This is about the Carroll County supervisors wanting to raise taxes on the old people for the school system. The school system needs to be cutting down on what they are doing and not raising taxes on old people. I don’t know what these supervisors are thinking about. I’m absolutely against it — raising taxes.

Under investigation
Back in the 1970s I was in Tampa, Fla., and they got me and put me in jail for driving drunk. It didn’t take them any time to lock me up and I stayed five days in jail. Then, when I pulled my five days, they were supposed to let me out and they took me before the judge. I told the judge “your honor, I was tried last week for this crime” and he asked the clerk, “have you seen this man.” She said, “yes, he was here” and the judge said, “put him on the street right now.” Down there now, they are letting [a man walk around after a slaying] and not doing a thing about it. In Florida you can get away with it.
Editor’s note: A special prosecutor is investigating the matter of which you speak. Rather than jump to conclusions either way, cooler heads should prevail until findings of the investigation are announced.

Not so fast
I just read about the non-vote to renew Superintendent Greg Smith’s contract for Carroll County Public Schools and I would like to thank the new school board for this move. Greg Smith’s leadership has not been right for Carroll County. We’ve got an elementary school that is on academic warning from the state. We’ve got an ill-advised construction project. We’ve had many good teachers that left and we’ve got many positions missing because that has recommended under his budget year after year. It is a desirable location and I think there are many good superintendents out there and I hope we find a good one. I hope Greg Smith finds a good job in a place he is more suited to.
Editor’s note: You might be reading too much into this situation. Smith had asked the school board to look at his contract early, and consider renewing it for another four years. A motion to begin negotiations did not get a second and failed. However, School Board Chairman Brian Spencer said that this inaction does not indicate that the board would not renew Smith’s contract at a later date. Had the board been planning to replace Smith, members could have opted to begin that process now, rather than wait 15 months for the current contract to expire. School Board Member Reggie Gardner said it is his opinion that searching for a new superintendent would be difficult during a school construction project and the budget issues the school system is dealing with.

Play fair
I read that in a Carroll Board of Supervisors meeting, both supervisors Dickson and Hutchens couldn’t comment on the school board’s budget because they didn’t know what was in it until the meeting. They see what they want to see. All those meetings are public. I saw the notices in the paper and I thought about going to some of them to see how they were going to affect my children and grandchildren and they could have gone, too. It’s time they started playing fair with people.

Not homegrown
This is answer to “label readers.” It’s talking about labels on food from China. Where are we going to get food from? We don’t have anything grown in America anymore, except Christmas trees. We don’t have a cow in the back yard. We don’t have a chicken on the front porch or hog on the side. We just don’t have anything to eat so we have to take what we get. If we get sick off of food from China, we have to take it. We don’t have anything.
Editor’s note: According to the U.S. government, American farmers produce about $100 billion worth of crops and about $100 billion worth of livestock each year. The United States is, by far, the largest producer of corn in the world, producing almost 10 billion bushels of the world’s total 23 billion bushel crop. The U.S. accounts for more than 50 percent of the world’s soybean production and is the second leading rice exporter, with 18 percent of the world market.