Readers Hotline 3/28/18

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Dictator in D.C.
President Trump is firing anyone that has any common sense. All he wants in office is someone that agrees with him. If that is not a dictator, I don’t know what one is.

Mr. Pothole
Hey Hotline, this time I am going to ask you if you can do me a favor. Well, not just me, it would be for several hundred citizens of Galax and surrounding counties that come to Galax to visit. Can you find out if they are going to fix the potholes and when they are going to fix them? Some of them are carryovers from a couple years ago and they don’t read the Hotline because I have put it in there about fixing holes in places and it has never been done. I was wondering if you could put stuff in, just to twist their arm to find out if they aim to fix the potholes or are they waiting on a grant to where they can fix them. They could follow the shoulder line anywhere, there will be places where part of it is gone. Of course, they don’t paint the white lines. I don’t know what is wrong with our community. I know that the majority of leaders in town can’t read or they would see this in the Hotline and it is very good information.

Piling on
We got enough newspapers and news media trying to tear down President Trump without y’all piling on. Seem to have a problem he didn’t serve. You didn’t have a problem with Obama not serving. Didn’t have a problem with Clinton not serving. I guess [letter writer] Kyle Noble must own part of this paper as much as I see her name in there. She says we don’t deserve Morgan Griffith [as congressman]. Well, she might not, but we sure don’t deserve a Democrat in there trying to ruin it.

Not rude
Went to all the businesses and banks and every one of them has treated me nice. Not one bit rude or anything. I don’t think people around here have the right to say the businesses and banks treat them rude when they don’t.

Only $5 million behind
I was just reading that Carroll County taxpayers’ money was paying for that letter to send to delinquent taxpayers. Here is how I look at it. If he didn’t want the taxpayers’ money to go to that, why haven’t they paid their taxes? Five million dollars worth of taxes? Look at all those people they are supporting.

Keep it up
I appreciate the board of supervisors or whoever put those names in for the Carroll County delinquent taxes. Everybody in the county should be glad so they can look and see if their neighbor paid their taxes. It isn’t up to the neighbor who owes no taxes to pay taxes and then all these other hoodlums get away with it. Anybody that doesn’t pay their taxes is a hoodlum because they are trying to see who all they can beat out of everything. If they are going to try to beat the county, then that is beating me and I don’t like it. So, keep up the good work, supervisors. Get every penny that belongs to us. Put up another letter in a year and see how many delinquents there are compared to this one. You all do a good job and it’s a hard job. If people paid their money, they wouldn’t have to do that and the county would have $5 million extra to put out.