Readers' Hotline 3/27/13

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Get out
I am referring to a business where the manager of the store is complaining no matter if the store is full of customers. She doesn’t have enough respect for her customers to not complain. She slings boxes around, saying “we’ve got to unload these boxes.” She is huffing and puffing and yelling and customers are in the store. Customers go in to buy and we would like to be treated with courtesy and respect. If she has a problem or issue, she just throws out her job. She needs to get out of the business. Beating on doors and yelling and screaming with customers in the store, that is no way to appreciate the business that people are bringing you. If you can’t do any better than that, then you need to get out of the business. Go try something else.

Random tests
I’d like to know where the random drug testing is for these employees around the government complexes. They hold commercial drivers’ licenses. They get government funding. There is supposed to be drug testing. I don’t know of one except the police department in the complex that gets drug testing. I think this should come to be. Random drug and alcohol testing.

Case dismissed
If people don’t believe that cats kill game and foxes get the blame, they should check out the April issue of Outdoor Life, page 10. Cats kill about 3.7 billion birds and 20 billion mammals a year. I rest my case.

Cows and chickens
Livestock on the lawn. That’s that man’s yard and he’s got a right to let his cows and horses and chickens run in his yard if he wants to. He knows what type of fertilizing he needs on his yard and it is a whole lot better than cat and dog stuff on their yard. Don’t be a Ms. Olson and talk about a man fertilizing his yard.

Stop the fussing
In reading the Hotline today, I have never seen so many selfish people. All they think about is themselves. They don’t want firemen who put themselves in harm’s way to wash their car. They want to throw off on the church, then they throw off on the Christians, then the people that built the schools and livestock on the lawn. It’s just unreal. They must have too much time on their hands. I love to read the Hotline and I guess I love to hear all this crazy mess. But, we need to all turn our lives over to God and quit watching what everybody does so we can fuss about it. I know one thing. We are not going to get into Heaven that way.

Smoke police
I’m calling about the [letter to the editor] from little Caleb Johnson — cigarettes on roadsides are unsightly. I agree and believe everybody should be ticketed for throwing out cigarette butts. They want to smoke them but they don’t want to keep them in their car. So, they smoke and throw them out, starting a lot of fires. They are nasty. I have noticed up at the hospital. It is a non-smoking property and everywhere you walk, there are cigarette butts all over the place. Right in front of the doors. Doesn’t anybody watch these people that stand right in front of the doors and smoke? If people really had a bad situation, I don’t know how they could help them. These non-smoking places, you would think they could be better observed and there should be a fine for anybody that throws them out.

I’m wondering why Grayson County Schools are not showing their teacher directories for the elementary and middle schools. I would like to know why that is not happening.

Watch your step
To the livestock on lawn, the person that owns the livestock is being economical. He is getting his yard mowed and fertilized at the same time. The only thing he has to do is watch and not step in the fertilizer. That also goes to the caller when they go visit him. Watch and don’t step in the fertilizer.