Readers' Hotline 10/22/12

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Local worries
Obama and Romney are not going to hear your problems here [in the Readers’ Hotline]. We need to fix issues like why is a school bus stopping at one stop and only moving another 50 feet on Glendale Road to pick up a second kid. Also, why the city will not properly clean up Cranberry Road across from the United Methodist Church. Why the city will not clean up cigarette butts in the left turn lane in the median. There are many issues. We have the same politicians for 20-25 years in office. We need a term limit. Get them out. Stop worrying about Obama and Romney. They are never going to come to Galax. Give it up.

I voted for Obama because he said he would clean up Washington politics. He also claimed he would be transparent, have stricter laws on lobbying and bring down the national debt. I thought I was voting for a hero but I voted for a zero.

Division and hatred
It literally takes my breath away to read comments of callers from both sides of the political aisle. True, this is a privilege of our democracy but it can also be a curse. Conservative author Ann Coulter once wrote that 95 percent of Americans are too ill-informed to vote. Especially disturbing are the comments from the self-proclaimed Christians who manage to bring the Bible into every argument. The God that I worship would never involve himself in sleazy politics, right or left. The lies and innuendo that have driven our country to the point of division and hatred are not heaven-sent. Instead of using God’s Word as a weapon, use it as it was intended — not to crucify everyone who disagrees with your interpretation. In the same way you judge others, you will be judged. Stop the hypocrisy.

Can’t take it
Obama has not passed any law doubling Medicare payments. I am a Medicare patient myself. He is not the one that decides that. I don’t think we should have to live with people that don’t know any better.

Food stamps rise
I hope people will just consider the facts in the election and forget about everything else. Look at the unemployment rate — still as high as ever. Plus, it is even higher with the people who have quit looking for work, if that was factored in. Look at our debt. Obama has raised more debt than all the other presidents put together since he has been in there. Also, look at the millions that have had to go to food stamps — millions of people more. Up to 43 million now. That’s facts.

Powerful cologne
I am responding to the caller talking about the “Aqua Velva Man.” You can drive by him up and down the street when he is walking on the sidewalk and you can smell his cologne in your vehicle while he is on the sidewalk.

Get tough on DUIs
I was calling about these alcoholics getting charges for driving under the influence. I don’t understand why police officers waste their time and paper writing a DUI ticket. When they go before the judges, only thing they do is sentence them to six months in jail, suspended. Driver’s license revoked for 90 days, suspended. Fines up to $250. That’s nothing. Fine them about $10,000 and take their license for a year and maybe they will quit drinking and driving.

Personal experience
I’m calling in regard to the editor’s note for the article, “ready to scream” where it states “the Gulf War began in January 1991.” Research and personal experience from having been there shows that the Gulf War formally began Aug. 2, 1990, and ran until Feb. 28, 1991, officially was called ended Nov. 30, 1995. The period of 17 January 1991 to 28 February 1991 is considered Desert Storm.

Editor, you left a statement slide without debunking it. The idea that Social Security deductions will double in 2014 was sent out before the 2010 election in a mass mailing. It was sent out by an anti-Obama source trying to scare older Americans and influence the 2010 election. Based on the results of that election, it may have worked to some degree. It has been shown to be incorrect by many non-political fact check sources. Google it.

Obama is as much an American and Christian as Romney is. Romney is a Mormon. His great-grandfather was put out of the U.S. for polygamy. I don’t trust Romney because you can’t believe what he says. He doesn’t know if he was for it before he was against it. He just says whatever he thinks the people want to hear. Rick Santorum said Romney was like an etch-a-sketch. If people don’t like what he says, he just shakes it and says something different.
Editor’s note: From an ABC News report in April 2012 —“Many Mormons moved to Mexico in order to continue practicing polygamy, though Romney’s grandfather was married to only one woman. Romney’s father George, who served as governor of Michigan, was born in Mexico in 1907. The Romney campaign did not respond for comment, but Romney told Fox News in an interview, ‘“My dad’s dad was not a polygamist.’”

Compare the price
All right, you Obama folks. Look at the price of a gallon of gas today. Go back to inauguration day, President Bush’s last day of command, and check the price of a gallon of gas there. That should tell you what we are in for if Obama is re-elected.
Editor’s note: Neither Bush nor Obama — nor any president — has the authority to set the price of gas.

There is one nice thing. If you can get to heaven, at least there won’t be any politicians there.

Proud of the teens
I’m calling to thank the West Galax United Methodist Church youth group for a delicious breakfast Oct. 6. This is what I love about this church. It doesn’t matter if you have $1 or $20 to donate, you feel welcome. I am so proud of the teenagers that were working so hard that morning. The parents and the youth leaders should be proud. All the food was great and I hope I know the next time they have a breakfast or dinner.

Veep debate
Just watching the debate between Rep. Ryan and Vice President Biden, which would you rather have in the White House? Somebody who is laughing and being an imbecile, and when he isn’t laughing, he’s lying? People better wake up and smell the roses, because Iran does have nuclear weapons and they are just now showing it off and laughing it off. I say vote for Ryan and Romney.
Editor’s note: There is no evidence that Iran has nuclear weapons, although U.S. officials believe Iran is aggressively pursuing their development.

Didn’t last
I don’t guess you will print this, but I would like to know why we have to pay high dollar for a new trash can in Galax and they pick up the trash and leave the new can sitting in the road. You know, some people have to work. I cannot go out and get it right as they pick it up. Then, it gets hit with a car. There goes our money down the drain.