Putting ICE on it

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New immigration enforcement targets 'criminal aliens'

By The Gazette

Illegal aliens that commit crimes shouldn't be able to slip through the dragnet with the advent of the Secure Communities initiative.
Law enforcement officials everywhere — even Arizona — have no doubt hailed the announcement of the new Immigration and Customs Enforcement effort.
A new database launched by ICE will streamline the process of identifying criminal aliens involved in police investigations.
Under the Secure Communities program, unique identifying factors such as a suspect's fingerprints will get checked against both FBI criminal records and Department of Homeland Security immigration records.
That way, more records in a larger database will be scanned for matches — offenders can be tapped for deportation quickly.
More than that, Secure Communities will put a priority on the more violent criminals.
This is a common sense move, enhancing tools already available to law enforcement officials.
It has the advantage of avoiding possible “witch hunts” against immigrants and hurting innocent people.
Arizona's much-discussed immigration law is a perfect example of the kind of policy that's born of the high emotions that have been running rampant in recent years.
The Arizona law requires all immigrants to carry their documents at all times and they are subject to questioning at a moment's notice as to their status by police.
Not only is that a waste of time for police officers, but also an intrusion most likely based on a person's appearance than their legal status.
The enforcement method made available by ICE will allow police to focus their attention on nabbing the worst criminal offenders, based on objective measures, not their accent or the color of their skin.