Proper gun control requires a look at history

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Since the school shooting in Florida, many people are calling for gun control. I agree that we need to have some stricter control of guns, especially assault rifles. Hunters do not need assault rifles for hunting wild animals. These are weapons of war, so why are they so available to so many people? What are the restrictions on owning an assault rifle?
When we look at gun control, we need to look back at history and try to find the best way to control guns. If you look back at history and the prohibition era when whiskey and alcoholic beverages were outlawed, crimes increased and many people became outlaws and lived the outlaw life because they wanted the wealth that came with the illegal business of selling alcoholic beverages.
If we try to outlaw all guns, then the people who have guns will be outlaws, and they do not have any regard for human life. How best to make sure people who have guns are the sane and sensible people who know how to use guns int he correct way is what we need.
Today, it seems that many criminals are caught with guns. How did the criminals get their guns is my question. Is there a huge black market in gun sales? What is being done to close down this black market in gun sales?
We know that the criminals and unbalanced people have guns and some are punished, but the people who let them have the guns are not punished for making the guns available to these people. Maybe we need more laws, rules or regulations on the gun dealers so that there is a punishment for the one who sold the gun.
I would also like to comment on demonstrations and riots. All citizens have the right to demonstrate their view on any topic as long as they do not interfere with others’ rights to do the same for the opposite view.
When people who decide that they must interfere with traffic both on the road and on the walking areas, and cause people to be hurt and/or killed, then they become criminals and should be prosecuted for this action.
No man is an island or a king in this country. They should realize when they disagree with another person or group, to stop insisting that everyone do it their way. We are all human and should have some compassion for the rest of the people, who are also human, and have the right to their point of view.
Reba Evans
Sparta, N.C.