President not skilled at 'art of the deal'

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I grabbed my coffee on Saturday morning, turned on the computer to see what is happening in the world, and discovered that we had another government shutdown.
The administration, Fox News and die-hard Trump supporters tried to blame this on Democrats, but the blame rests squarely on Trump’s shoulders.
Senators Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin came to the White House with a bipartisan agreement that would have avoided a shutdown.
It was a compromise that would have given both sides some of what they wanted, but not everything. Initially President Trump seemed amenable to the deal, but when Graham and Durbin got to the White House, they were sandbagged. The deal was off.
President Trump sold himself to the American people as a dealmaker, but nobody can make a deal with him. His word cannot be trusted.
This is not the first time legislators have thought that they worked out a compromise only to have that agreement torpedoed by Trump.
So, now we have had a brief government shutdown and will pay some consequences for that, but in the bigger scheme of things, this will have disastrous consequences for the U.S. domestically and internationally.
When you cannot trust an American President to negotiate in good faith, you will not get deals.
Almost 30 years ago, former Sen. Byron Dorgan’s chief aide told me that a mediation was not successful if anybody left his office happy.
Compromise requires that everybody give up something.  This is particularly important for a president who does not have the backing of a majority of the voters. Unfortunately, Trump does not seem to get that.
Let’s just hope we get through the next few years until we can elect a president whose word means something.
Nancy Liebrecht