Presents pinched by a thieving 'Grinch'

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Police say suspect took flatscreen TV, along with the gifts from under the tree

By Staff Reports

CANA — The Carroll County Sheriff’s Department is seeking help from the community to find and arrest a burglary suspect who allegedly broke into a Cana home and stole presents from under the tree on Christmas Eve.

The sheriff’s department was called to a residence off of Peakview Road in Cana on Christmas Eve at 4:30 p.m. Deputy Brian Felts arrived at the scene to find that someone had broken in to the home and stolen a new flat-screen television and several presents from under the tree, according to an email from Sheriff J.B. Gardner.
This is the second time in four months that the residence has been broken in to, he added.
Following the burglary, the mother at the residence went back out and bought replacement gifts to go under the tree. “The mom did a great job locating things for the children that night... so the children did not have to do without for Christmas,” Gardner told The Gazette.
The investigation is still ongoing, and the department is seeking any information that could lead to an arrest. “This is wrong and you just don’t do that to families anytime, but especially not on Christmas Eve,” Gardner said.
“What really makes me mad is all the help that people in this area provide, to people who are less fortunate — all the angel trees, the Carroll Christmas Fund, the Galax Community Christmas Fund... Even the people who have very little find a way to give to others at Christmas and still someone feels the need to do this. I just don’t understand.”

If anyone has information regarding this incident, contact the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office at (276) 728-4146 or (276) 236-5119.