Play helped heal shootout's wounds

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We wish to thank the Carroll County Historical Society, the writer, the director, the cast and the community for giving the citizens the production “Thunder in the Hills.”
It was a well-done production from the script to the convincing, and sometimes exceptional, local talent of players.
The sacrifice of time and energy in bringing this play to life merits a standing ovation.
As outsiders, it clearly explained to us why [the 1912 Courthouse Tragedy] had such devastating effects on the community for so many and for so long.
To see, 100 years later, family members on both sides come together to relive this sad event, and be able to walk away with humility, forgiveness, and sympathy, speaks volumes about the Christian character of Carroll County’s citizens.
There were no winners in this tragic tale — just tearful memories of great loss and an unspoken promise to never let it happen again.
We share in your sorrow and conviction.
Kudos to all. We hope “Thunder in the Hills” will be played in communities across our nation.
The Frey Family