PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE: Training makes a difference for Haynes

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By Shaina Stockton, Staff

Two winners were chosen to transform themselves through personal training. The Gazette is following their progress. This is the first report since Travis Haynes and Treva Osborne began their journeys.


Last month, Travis Haynes and Treva Osborne were chosen as the winners of the Personal Training Transformation Challenge, a contest hosted by Twin County Regional Healthcare and sponsored by The Galax Gazette.
Out of more than a dozen contestants, Haynes and Osborne were selected to receive free 12-week personal training sessions through the Twin County Wellness Center.
The goal of the contest was to offer two members of the community a chance to live a healthier lifestyle. Contestants submitted essays stating why they felt that they needed a transformation in their lives. Essays were submitted in two different categories: personal training and rehabilitation.
Haynes was selected for the personal training challenge, while Osborne received the medical rehabilitation challenge.
Four weeks ago, Travis Haynes set a goal to live a healthier, more active lifestyle for the sake of his job, his family and himself.
Today, he is well on the way to meeting that goal. Since his personal training sessions began, Haynes has not missed a single workout, and he is already seeing dramatic results.
As he warmed up on one of the treadmills at the Wellness Center last week, he remembered how difficult the workouts were in the beginning. “The first week or two was really hard, after I was finished I felt like I had to throw up, and I couldn’t leave for about 10 minutes,” he said.
While he still doesn’t classify the training as easy, Haynes has noticed a change in his stamina, coordination and muscle strength. “I can go a lot father now than I could,” he said. “My weight went up when I first started working out, but the trainers explained to me that I was gaining muscle.”
Eventually, his weight began to slowly drop, as he continued to lose fat and gain strength. “I can feel my muscles getting harder,” he said.
Haynes is a volunteer firefighter for the Galax Fire Department, and at the start of his training, he expressed his desire to have more stamina during emergency calls. He noted last Thursday that the fire calls had been at a low volume recently, so he hadn’t had a real chance to test his endurance yet. “But, I’ve noticed that I’m not as tired around the house,” he said.
His recent health improvements came at an opportune time, since Haynes and his wife recently welcomed their fifth child, Asher, into their family. Since then, the couple has teamed up to tackle the late night feedings, changings, burpings and lullabies.
“One night, I got about four hours of sleep, then I had to come in and work out,” Haynes remembered. “But that’s the great thing about this program. All you have to do is come here, and the personal trainer does the rest.”
Haynes finished his warm-up, and followed trainer Cindy Bailey into the weight room where he began a series of workouts with a variety of equipment. First she led him to a step platform, then to an exercise ball, where she plopped a weight in each hand. Then it was on to the weight machines.
Bailey explained that she picks four exercises, runs Haynes through them twice, then picks out four more. “We try to work out the whole body, we don’t focus on spot training,” she said.
She balanced Haynes back on the exercise ball, and instructed him to keep his torso level with his chest as he did reps with the weights. “He’s doing so great, he doesn’t give up,” she said. She kneeled behind Haynes as he continued his reps, offering encouraging words like, “Good job” and “Just a few more” as he finished up.
“The first day, I could hardly keep my balance on this,” Haynes said.
“Yes, his coordination has definitely improved,” Bailey agreed.
To get an idea of what the Wellness Center has to offer, Haynes has worked with all four of the center’s personal trainers. As a result, he never knows what is coming next, which is what he loves most about the program. “The first day, they had me throwing balls at the wall. On Tuesday, I took a spin class for the first time,” he said. “They are good at coming up with creative new ways to mistreat me.”
Bailey laughed as he continued reps while holding a medicine ball, then stopped him when he started to look too tired.
When asked where he is standing now with his goals, Haynes replied that he is very confident that he will meet them. In fact, he’s met some of them already.
His knees have stopped bothering him when he walks up stairs, his back pain is going away and he has already been enjoying more quality time outside with his children.
“The other day, when Boni had had a rough day, I took all of the kids and we walked for a couple of hours,” he said.
Encouraged by the progress he has already made, Haynes is looking forward to seeing where he is in the next two months. “I am really grateful to have this opportunity,” he said.

Osborne awaiting medical clearance

When Osborne was selected as winner of the medical rehabilitation challenge, she was ready to take big steps towards the lifestyle she has always wanted.
Unfortunately, she has already had to deal with several obstacles just to begin her journey.
Before she could attend her first session, a series of medical problems appeared. “I started having problems getting the medical releases for me to start the program, and when we finally got them, my blood sugar started spiking,” Osborne told The Gazette.
Before she could begin her first workout, she measured her blood sugar level, and found it at a whopping 468. “They wouldn’t let me begin the program,” she said.
In addition to high blood sugar and blood pressure levels, Osborne has also had an issue with electrolyte imbalances, which results in severe muscle cramps. The cause of some of these imbalances, Osborne believes, might be stress-related.
“I’m going through personal issues at home right now,” she shared. “The stress could be what is causing it.”
To get her levels back to normal, Osborne scheduled a meeting with her hospital dietician to discuss diet and medical approaches that could help get her blood sugar levels back to normal.
“They told me not to worry, that they had patients with these problems before and that this is the purpose of the program — to get back to normal,” she said.
Osborne has been assured that she will still receive the 12 weeks of personal training when she is physically able.
Although she has dealt with some obstacles, Osborne has received some positive encouragement since her win was announced in July. On several occasions, she has been recognized by others in the community.
“I went to Walmart to get some workout clothes, and asked a lady there who was buying exercise shorts if they were close to size, and she asked, ‘Weren’t you in the paper?’” Osborne said.
A statement from an employee at Horton’s Supermarket was particularly inspiring. “One of the girls at Horton’s recognized me, and she was so excited,” she smiled. “She told me that she was going to be my personal cheerleader through all of this.”
With a community standing behind her, Osborne is more determined than ever to reach her goals.
“I’m so excited about getting a new me,” she said.

We will continue to follow Haynes and Osborne through their personal training transformations with monthly updates in The Gazette.