No, there isn't a serial killer in your house

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Police warn of a new hoax, where someone pretending to be a police officer issues a terrifying warning.

By Staff Reports

HILLSVILLE — Calls about a serial killer on the loose, supposedly coming from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, are hoaxes, says Investigator Kevin Kemp.
The investigator notes that the sheriff’s department has received two reports of residents getting such phone calls.
The caller claims that they are from the sheriff’s department and says that there’s a serial killer in the house and the resident needs to hide immediately, Kemp said.
Sheriff’s office personnel want citizens to know that neither Carroll, nor any other law enforcement agency, would handle that situation with a phone call, Kemp stressed. They would respond with lights and sirens and lots of officers.
“It’s definitely a false call,” the investigator said. “No agency would handle that kind of serious emergency with that kind of disregard.”
If anyone has any information about this hoax, call the sheriff’s office at (276) 728-4146.