McCraw responds to Readers' Hotline calls

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Editor’s note: In reference to several recent Readers’ Hotline calls that were published in The Gazette last week, Mandi McCraw submitted this letter providing an account of current situations in Carroll County from her perspective. McCraw, who was recently appointed to the Carroll County Industrial Development Authority (IDA), took her seat for the first time at the authority’s July 1 meeting. McCraw is the daughter of Supervisor At-Large Robbie McCraw. Her response comes in light of pending decisions by the Carroll County Board of Supervisors, which is currently interviewing candidates for the position of county administrator, following the resignation of former County Administrator Steve Truitt. McCraw also refers to The Gazette’s filing of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for documents related to the recent resignations of Truitt and other county officials. Virginia state code referenced in the letter can be found online at law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode.

Given that anonymous authors submitted comments to the Hotline last week and chose to make my personal career choice their business, I find it necessary to no longer withhold secretive information from the Twin Counties and am taking this opportunity to disclose my personal “TOP SECRET” agenda.
According to Virginia State Code 2.2-3712, the Carroll County Board of Supervisors has the authority to “meet behind closed doors” to discuss topics related to personnel, especially when interviewing candidates for chief administrative officer, whether they be relatives or not. While a FOIA request for personnel records on someone other than yourself may invade an individual’s privacy, most all other information is public record and available to you, as stated in Virginia State Code 2.2-3700. While it might require some effort on behalf of anonymous parties, this code is to prevent citizens from “being kept in the dark.”
For the board of supervisors to be guilty of nepotism and hire a relative of a board member, the relative would have to submit a formal application for an open position. While I am qualified and passionate about Carroll County, and hate to disappoint anonymous authors, I DID NOT apply for the open county administrator position and had no intention of doing so, as I am holding out for the position of Queen or President (ha!).
I find it interesting that anonymous authors are concerned with industry coming to and remaining in Carroll County to create jobs, yet are quick to criticize individuals, like myself, that are native to the area, educationally qualified and capable of fulfilling job responsibilities, by forcing “us” to seek work elsewhere and then complaining when someone form “outside” is hired.
I certainly hope you don’t lose a great deal of money on the bets you referenced in your anonymous comment, since I will NOT be the new administrator. However, if you did, NO WORRIES! Perhaps, my Dad, who is “making big money” (approximately $466/month) by being on the board of supervisors, will offer you a loan instead of taking “big vacations” with your tax dollars.
Mandi McCraw