Lives lost to stress, worry

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I dedicate this letter to the families who have lost a loved one due to the taking of one’s life because of illness, pressure to pay the bills, trying to keep up in a fast-paced society, bullying at school and lacking a kind and understanding heart to talk to.
There is an alarming rise in lives lost of one taking his or her life. This made even worse during those very difficult times many face every day.
This affects all sectors of our nation. When it hits home, it is harder to cope.
Where does a burdened soul go to for help? A church, a friend or a stranger. The Lord is only a prayer away to soothe the troubled heart.
When some go that very sad and heart-breaking way, where are the signs? The blank stare, less talking, mood swings, crying, a sense of hopelessness and withdrawal to their world, silence, dullness and a point of no return.
As the economy worsens and fewer jobs, the American dream becomes a nightmare. It just adds to fuel for the fire of worries and stress.
To the ones who fight and die on the battlefield to keep us safe, the problem is just as bad. Over 140 took their lives. Some ignore it as “not my problem” or let someone else deal with it. They pass the buck. All they want is still there.
Lord help us to see, understand and help the ones to know somebody cares about them.
Though times are dark and dreary, we lift our eyes and pray for your guidance and powerful hand to see us through.
For if you be for us who can be against us? Sweet Jesus, you are the light of the world. May we draw closer to thee for thy return to this world is closer than ever.
May we watch and pray, for the day of the Lord cometh soon.

Mitchell Robinson