Littrell has worked to improve district, county

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It seems like voting day, Nov. 7, is just around the corner.
I must rush to get my cents’ worth in on a candidate that has represented me and my friends in the Pipers Gap area of Carroll County for a great number of years.
He reared his three girls in Carroll County where they attended grade school, intermediate and high school.
He has a keen mind for attending to the affairs of our beautiful area here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Of course, I am speaking of Dr. Thomas Littrell, a local dentist, a treasurer of his church, a Boy Scout leader that has provided opportunities for boys to see parts of the good ole U.S.A. that they would never have had the opportunity to see.
Littrell is treasurer of his church, a veteran of the U.S. military, past president of Oakland Ruritan Club and has attained other achievements. He has worn many different hats.
I know he’s been a good county supervisor, working to better our great county.
Please exercise your right to vote and go to the polls and vote for Thomas Littrell on Tuesday, Nov. 7.
Sharon Felts