Letters to the Editor for 03/15/10

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Education should be main priority


I don't believe in calling the Readers’ Hotline, so I am writing to voice my opinion about some of the uninformed Hotline callers.

I would like to comment on a March 8 blurb, titled "Money Doesn't Teach."  Since the caller doesn't seem to take much stock in education, I want to grade his/her work.

A grade of F will be given on "research." as the individual seems to think lottery money is used totally for education.  While this is a common belief, money in the Virginia lottery fund is used for most everything except education.

A grade of F will be given in English grammar, as there was no subject/verb agreement.  The individual also used double negatives which negate the comment into a positive statement. Example: "don't need no money" actually means "do need money."

The caller's comment could have been better made had the caller spent more time paying attention in their under-funded classes in school.

Or maybe I am just an under-qualified, overpaid teacher who has no clue about any of these things and the caller is the expert?

Just so the caller knows the facts;  Grayson County teachers rank 151 out of 151 Virginia school systems in pay and our county has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state.

The caller seemed pleased that jobs would be cut and that our children will be left with nothing. I care too much about my school, my colleagues, and my students to allow uninformed people to put us down and downplay the importance of funding.

Education should be the main priority of our government, our county, and our school system. Let's hope the rest of the community is not as quick to pull the trigger on education as the Hotline caller.

Janet Mullins

Mathematics teacher

Grayson County High School


Find a solution to trash problem


I have just finished reading (again) the Feb. 24 article, “Weather Halts Trash Collection."

I remember when a tax was placed on our utilities bills to finance a trash collection system. I thought this was a great idea at the time, but somewhere down the road this money has apparently been used for other projects.

I think what really ruffled our feathers was the new trash fee put in last year. Our leaders seemed to forget we already had a trash fee being collected, so we now have two fees being collected, but we still have a problem.

I cannot understand when a problem comes up, everyone will tell you what will or will not work, but no one wants to find a solution that will really work.

I have the utmost respect for our sanitation workers. They do a fantastic job. The workers do what is asked of them.

Not getting our trash picked up on snow days and holidays is a problem that has to be solved. Going three or four weeks without trash pickup needs to be alleviated.

This presents a problem of where to put our built up trash, but also the health issue this trash represents. A family with three or four children has an unhealthy problem at their home. (I have taken my trash to landfill at cost of $7). I can only guess at what a lot of people would like to do with their trash.

There should be some solution when our trash day is missed. Waiting another week or tow or three is not a solution. We certainly have the money to solve the problem, with the additional fees we are paying.

Come on, Grayson County leaders, and work with Supervisor Joe Vaughan to fix this problem You can do it, if you all work together for the good of our great county.

C.D. Hines



Candidate doesn't live in 9th District


I understand that Del. Morgan Griffith from Salem (right next to Roanoke) is running to replace Rick Boucher as our congressman.

Salem is not even in the Ninth District. It’s in the Sixth District, which is represented by Rep. Bob Goodlatte.

Does anyone really believe that the Sixth District should have two congressmen who live a stone's throw from each other and the Ninth District should have none?

It's hard to believe that's constitutional. And it's harder to believe anyone who lives and votes in Southwest Virginia would allow it.

Tom Jones