Inspirational living techniques comfort mind, body and spirit

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With my eyes closed and my mind clear, I focus on the task in front of me: confronting an emotion that most people don’t put at the forefront of their mind, at least if they can help it.
The feeling in question: doubt, an emotion that plagues everyone at certain points in their lives.
“Allow yourself to feel doubt in your mind, to completely feel it, and let me know when you are there,” coaches Cindy Halley.
When I am completely focused on doubt, she tells me to avert my attention towards a more powerful emotion: love.
“What would love say to you about the doubt you are feeling?” she asks.

This was one of steps of an exercise called the LifeLine Technique, a method that aligns the subconscious and the conscious mind with one another by allowing people to confront and conquer their own emotions.
Officially certified in the technique in December, LifeLine practitioner Cindy Halley is excited to offer her newest service not only to her customers in Galax, but also the rest of the world.
“So many exciting things are happening,” she said, sitting in her Inspirational Living practice in downtown Galax.
In addition to her LifeLine practice, Halley has already made quite a name for herself. Her resume includes an impressive background in public speaking and writing.
The origin of her eventful journey can be learned by reading her contribution to the book  "The Faces Behind the Pages that Inspire," the second book in a series called  "A Victim No More."
In it, Halley writes of her struggles with addiction and the ability she found to overcome her obstacles through faith in God. “As I continue on my journey, I realize that my mission all along has been to share with others the gifts that I’ve received,” she wrote.
Since then, she has traveled extensively and offered words of encouragement through inspirational speaking.
Halley is also well known for her line of GODpillows, a series of stitched pillows and prayer kneelers with inspirational quotes in multiple languages. Her pillow shop in Galax has earned her the nickname “GODpillow Lady” in most social circles.
With her new certification, Halley plans to converge all of her projects under one business umbrella called Inspirational Living LLC. She explained that there will be three sections to Inspirational Living: she will be the “inspirational speaker,” the sessions are “inspirational practice” and the GODpillows are “inspirational gifts."

To introduce the LifeLine sessions to the public, Halley agreed to demonstrate a session for a Gazette reporter. With each step in the process, she explained how the exercise assisted the client both emotionally and physically.
Halley noted that the technique can apply to anyone, regardless of their faith. “This is why I use the term ‘God of your choosing,’” she said.
The technique emphasizes the five basics of optimal health: water, food, rest, exercise and owning your power.
With each step, Halley used muscle testing as an alternative to “yes” or “no” answers. This way, she could read any hidden cues that might indicate a problem that the client may not even know about.
“People don’t want to feel certain emotions, so they are pushed back,” explained Halley. The problem is that this only buries the issue, which then manifests in other ways, even physically.
Each point of stress was addressed on its own, traced back to its potential origin and confronted. This was repeated until the subconscious and conscious mind were completely in tune with one another.
To aid in this process, Halley used the mantra “infinite love and gratitude,” combined with the hand signal for “love,” to seal the positive messages achieved through the confrontations within the mind, body and spirit.
At the beginning of the session, she asked about physical ailments.
I tell her about a constant throb in the shoulder and neck.
“Rate your pain on a scale of one to ten,” she said before the session began.
By the time the session was over, the pain had dropped from an 8 to a 2.
“The beauty about these sessions is that after just one, you can repeat these exercises on your own whenever you need them,” said Halley.
As an example, she recited a mantra based on emotions given during the exercises: “Regardless of feeling stress and doubt, I am now choosing to feel happy and calm.”
The sessions have already drawn feedback from Halley’s clients. “I felt the heaviness lift from me at the first session,” said one testimony. “I look forward to my sessions as I know they help me to release pain and grow in God and love.”
“I left curiously light hearted and with a different perspective of my attitude,” said another, who noted at the beginning that the session was initially entered into with a suspicious yet cautiously adventurous mind.
To ensure that she will be available to her customers regardless of her traveling schedule, Halley is available to conduct the sessions through Skype. “This way, I can reach and help people all over the world,” she said.

Cindy Halley’s Inspirational Living practice is at 106 N. Main St. in Galax. For more information, call (954) 658-0114, or visit open2thejourney.com.