Hotline creates negative, divisive atmosphere

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Over the generations in our mountain communities, we have learned to get along with people of differing opinions by being civil to one another.  This enabled us to build relationships with our neighbors with more in common with each other and fewer differences.  
Your Hotline feature increasingly creates a very negative and divisive influence on our community. Lately your callers seem more angry and ill-informed than usual and the intolerant, judgmental religious attitudes are especially shocking.
I have heard people say that they look forward to this section, but I would guess that many readers find it offensive and embarrassing. The fact that it is anonymous ensures that the craziest among us are such regular callers.
Anyone with an honest, well thought out idea should not mind adding their name to their comments.
Some people may laugh and dismiss some of the more hateful and misinformed callers as just silly, but this is not much different to me than laughing at someone that is mentally or physically handicapped.
These callers aren’t funny, they’re pitiful and their mean attitudes shouldn’t be spotlighted in our community newspaper. The fact that you allow people an anonymous forum seems to inspire more hateful comments than if you required them to identify themselves.
If you truly care about the community that supports you, why do you promote such self mutilation? Maybe you think it helps you sell papers.
Why don’t you take the high road for us all and ask readers to submit reasoned thoughts with their name attached?
Thank you for all you do that is good for our community.
William Roberts
Elk Creek