Hillsville reburies time capsule for 50 years

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See you in 2068

By Ethan Campbell

HILLSVILLE – Memories will remain dormant for another 50 years, as another time capsule has been buried in downtown Hillsville in front of the Former Carroll Drug on Main Street.


Members of Friends of Hillsville helped coordinate the ceremony, and with the help of Tom Jackson (who owns the building where the new and original time capsules were buried), Joey Haynes, Bill Gallimore, Mayor Greg Crowder and Council Member Barry Jessup, a newly constructed capsule was placed back into the ground to be opened in 2068.

“It’s got PVC pipe, and we’ve got some of this chemical compound that absorbs moisture that we put here in the bottom,” Jackson said. “The new plaque sits on top of the old plaque, so that when it’s taken back up you can see the history of what’s gone on here.” Jackson explained.

The original time capsule, buried in 1968, was unearthed from the same spot earlier this summer.

“This has been quite an adventure. I want to thank Mayor Crowder and Town Council and Chief Wesley Yonce for all the cooperation we have gotten for being able to do this and make it work,” Jackson continued.

“When we pulled the old one out of the ground, there was a lot of moisture in the contents because it was metal, and over 50 years water had gotten in around the opening,” Jackson said. “Shelby Inscore Puckett spent hours and hours up in the conference room ironing some of the paper and drying it, and they preserved about 90 percent of what was in there.”

Jackson said it has been interesting to look back through the years. “The thing I have to say that impressed me was that there’s a couple things that haven’t changed... We still care deeply about our family. A lot of what was in the last one was about family, and a lot of what has been put back into the new is about family.

“We also have our faith in our community that means a lot to us,” he continued. “The economics of community is constantly changing. I’ve said in the paper that in some ways, 50 years ago was almost easier for local people because we had all the plants around here for manufacturing. There were a lot of them around here, but they are gone now, and we’ve had to make other arrangements with what we do to support our families.”

He said one of the things that both of the time capsules stand for “is the perseverance of our community. And how regardless of what has happened, we’ve hung in there as a community and keep moving forward and we’re still able to make things work long-term.”

Jackson said what he’s always loved about the community “is that we still care about each other and we got time to take food to somebody that’s lost a loved one or go by and see people or give them a call, etc. We’re not disconnected from each other like they are in other parts of the country, and I hope we don’t lose that in another 50 years, because I thinks that critical to being to survive.”

Jackson followed by thanking Bill Gallimore for coordinating the excavation of the previous capsule and the reburial of the new one.

He also sent thanks to Thomas Automation for the donation of the new plaque that reads “50 Year Time Capsule Commemorating Opening of Carroll Drug, Opened May 12 2018. Updated September 9, 2018. To be opened September 9, 2068.”

“We also wanted to emphasize what was put in here from the kids in our school system so that 50 years from now, hopefully a lot of them are still around and they can look back and see what they thought.”