Helmick bids farewell to council

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My father once told me, “once you start something you should finish it.” And that has been my intention since being elected.
But unfortunately, due to health concerns I must resign from city council. I have quietly been stepping down from other roles in the community, such as the Rotary board and as a deacon at my church.
My wife and I still intend to live here in Galax permanently; we love the people. I have a thriving business where we were recently voted the Best Financial Advisor in the area, which I am honored by.
In the short period of time on council, I feel a lot has been accomplished. We have brought more transparency to our government, placed new leadership in key roles, implemented a recycling program, worked to create an online platform for paying bills, improved some roads, updated the elementary school and challenged unnecessary spending. I hope this serves as an example to future council members that you don’t have to hold a seat for 30 years to make a difference, but it’s the passion you bring to the seat that has the potential to leave a lasting impact.
As council looks to fill my seat temporarily, I hope they have courage to look past their “good ol’ boy” network and find a qualified candidate who brings a fresh perspective, so we can continue to grow to be the community our kids and grandkids want to move back to.
It has been my pleasure serving this city.
Ches R. Helmick
Former Galax City Council Member