Health officials say well water should be boiled after flood

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By Staff Reports

One precaution that homeowners who experienced flooding may need to take is boiling their well water before drinking, according to the Virginia Department of Health.
State officials have urged residents with wells and septic systems to take precautions following last week’s heavy rains that caused high water and flooding in some Southwest Virginia communities, according to a news release.
“Floodwaters and runoff may contain sewage and agricultural or industrial waste and can contaminate drinking water and damage septic systems,” state officials said. “If you suspect your well was flooded, or if you drinking water looks or smells different, do not drink it until it can be tested to ensure its safety.”
Affected homeowners may want to consider using bottled water or water that has been brought to a rapid boil for at lease a minute before drinking, brushing teeth or cooking food.

For more information, call the Mount Rogers Health District at (276) 781-7450.