Grants opens to little fanfare, but big crowd

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By Shannon Watkins

Grants supermarket opened in Galax on Saturday in what company executive Ron Martin termed a “soft launch,” but it did nothing to quell the enthusiasm of shoppers, who streamed in, starting in the early morning.


“We’ve been busy,” said store manager Bruce Shelton from the customer service register on Saturday, as customers bustled by. “We were supposed to open at 8 a.m. We opened at 7 a.m. and we’ve been going ever since.”
Despite the threat and eventual arrival of rain, the flow of commerce continued.
A grand opening is planned in about a month, after some work has been done on the former Kroger store and employees are fully trained.
On Monday, Shelton had slightly more time to describe the opening. He said that Grant’s was so busy on Saturday that it came close to running out of a couple of items.
“Our suppliers were on top of things. Right now we’re fully stocked and ready to go.” He said the store took several deliveries over the weekend to keep up with demand.
Shelton also said that Grants has heard from several former Kroger shoppers who praised the store and made requests for items that Kroger used to stock, which he said are being sought out.
According to Shelton, there will be organic and gluten-free items within the week, and soon after, beer and wine should be available, as well.
“This opening was number one, in terms of people coming in and sales,” said Shelton, who has worked seven openings for Grants. “According to the owner, this is the number one store. We really appreciate the support, especially from the Kroger shoppers. We’re well pleased.”

Grant’s is open daily at 544 E. Stuart Drive in Galax. Phone number is (276) 238-1561.