Government officials try to stifle public opinion

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I agree with The Gazette’s response to the letter from local government leaders [regarding the Readers’ Hotline feature].
Their letter appears to me as an attempt to stifle public opinion and uncomfortable questions these elected and appointed officials would prefer did not come up.
Many times I will read a comment or issue raised in the Hotline and I have the same opinion or comment and want to hear the answer from these public officials.
For whatever reasons, many people don’t want their name in the letters to the editor but raise legitimate issues anonymously that need to be brought to light in the interest of transparency and responsibility of our elected officials.
If most of the calls were in praise of the great job these officials were doing, I doubt that they would want it eliminated!
Keep up the good work, Galax Gazette, and keep the Readers’ Hotline!
Reiford Harmon