Finding no faith in federal government

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I’m dedicating in memory of a two-year-old child and police officers killed in the line of duty.
2019 has come in, with ever-growing violence of sickening and disgusting incidents where parasites and losers of society know no boundaries or respect of life.
A caring heart looks around and sees a government in a free-fall situation, a street bully attitude. A shutdown proves nothing but pain and worries.
Two trillion dollars added to the federal debt, foreign policy is a joke, friends are enemies and enemies become friends. Russia, China, North Korea and Iran are coming after us and are a direct threat to the United States.
To serve in government today, you got to be a yes man. No objections, period.
To our borders, immigration, the infamous wall; billions of dollars demanded, yank a child from a mother’s arms to make a political statement and to hell with the law and ethics.
Destroy, anger and impeachment echoes through the land. The racial divide grows wider.
Fake news is better than a fake president.
Some say shadows of Watergate are here. Not so. It is a wide-open floodgate of his distortions, cover-ups and collision with dictators at the point of treason.
God help and be merciful to us for we are living in the last days.
Make a prayer with all our hearts to guide us in these dangerous times.
Mitchell Robinson