DMV warns of scam

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The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles warns the public to be wary of companies that call with offers of cheaper insurance rates based on information from your DMV record.
DMV does not sell insurance, solicit the sale of insurance, or release driver information for marketing purposes.
“A few of our customers have called us to let us know they have received automated messages from insurance companies saying they are entitled to a lower insurance rate based on information from their DMV records,’” said DMV spokesperson Sunni Brown.
“We thank our concerned customers for bringing these calls to our attention, and we want to make sure all our customers are aware in case they get a similar call.”
DMV said it is aware of its responsibility to ensure that information it maintains is used only for purposes authorized by law.
Virginia law stipulates that driver and vehicle records are privileged and are not available to the public. DMV may only release driver, vehicle and personal information from its records under specific conditions.
Virginia statutes do not permit DMV to release name and address information for marketing purposes.
By law, insurance companies have access to limited DMV data only under certain circumstances.
An insurance company could access information from driving records only for a customer it insures or a potential customer who reached out to it inquiring about coverage. Insurance companies also have access to crash reports if the crash involves a person or property they insure.
These calls are not unique to Virginia DMV customers. Customers from motor vehicle agencies across the country have received similar calls and notified their state jurisdictions, DMV said.
Customers who receive similar calls can report them to DMV for further investigation. Visit dmvNOW.com for contact information.