Deer carcasses are disturbing

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A few years ago we “adopted” our road, committing to maintain at a neat and clean standard. The initial clean-up was a major undertaking, but we accomplished it and took pride in the results.
But every year at this time we are confronted with a very unpleasant task: removal of deer remains. This time is the worst ever.
Recently, while out on our daily walk, we happened on the carcass of a doe. She was apparently killed here, a few choice pieces were harvested, and the remainder left to decompose in our neighborhood.
We regularly keep up with the discarded cans, bottles and fast food wrappers. But over the summer the wooded area accumulated a significant amount of litter. So we set out to clean up before the snow flies.
What we discovered was disgusting and unconscionable. Since they were dismembered, it was difficult to ascertain the number of deer that had been slaughtered, but we were faced with the remains of at least four or five.
The most shocking and heartbreaking was a buck. He was completely intact, except his head and neck were missing. The corpse was right beside the road, left in a kneeling position, propped up against a tree.
It is one thing to hunt for sustenance. But this beautiful animal was destroyed only because somebody wanted a trophy.
This may not be illegal, but it is immoral on so many levels.
God save us from such heartless monsters.
Jenny and Merle Campbell