Christ is the only path to spiritual truth

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I have just read Laura George’s website concerning the Oracle Institute.
A definition of oracle might be a seat of worship used by ancient Romans and Greeks to consult their gods for answers.
Some religions are based strictly on a system of laws. No one, then or now, was or is able to keep those laws. Therefore, God realized a need for a savior. Sending Jesus and the cross to atone for sin and to destroy the power of sin. Truth begins here and will prevail.
Thoughts of making spiritual shifts into the New Millennium? Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation. Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. Greatest is to present Christ.
We know and love the truth. Rejecting the truth brings strong delusions. Religious spirits sponsored by Satan make something seem like what it isn’t. Because of the elements of spirits that dominate our line of thought, we choose not to recognize truth.
Salvation is never a matter of education, but of revelation, manifestation of divine truth. Those of us that specialize and are bound by intellectual property have erected a wall between mind and truth, wavering between hope and fear.
Our ethereal interests are short-lived, and all shall fall in vain. Any and all spiritual questions can be and will be answered so promised by accepting the cross, ever being the object of faith, which then gives the Holy Spirit the latitude to bring about understanding of the truth.
Satan, of whom we have no fear, engineers, implements and perfects methods which create sectarian religions.
The tools Satan uses to create differences among religions are bigotry, envy, jealously, spite and selfishness. From one or more of these traits hatred flourishes, now and forever existing in our universe. Christ is not divided.
Our perception of reality and truth cannot be based on theory, but upon the cross and Jesus Christ, which has been proven over and over to be 100 percent factual and true.
May God of Jesus give unto us wisdom and revelation of his knowledge.
Darrell Durham