Changes needed at animal shelter

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I am an eighteen year resident of Carroll County. In those years my family has adopted three wonderful pets from the shelter in Galax.
The high kill rate at the shelter has been a long time concern of mine. Happily, in the last year the kill rate has dropped. The local humane society has been able to take advantage of the new transfer policy now in place at the shelter. Many, many adoptable animals have found good homes thanks to that policy.
However, several more policy changes need to be implemented to save more lives. The shelter saves money every time an animal is adopted and not put down.
• Increase hold times for adoptable animals. There are times when an animal is put down on the very day it becomes available for adoption.
• Communicate with the shelter and the public about adoptable animals, the
date they will be available and the number of days they will be held.
• Increase public awareness of the shelter’s location, hours of operation, who may adopt and the fee and other requirements a person needs to know.
Newspaper pictures, featured animals on public access channel and open houses for people to meet the shelter staff and the adoptable animals.
I suggest that the administrators of the three localities responsible for the shelter meet to discuss policies that can decrease the kill rate at the shelter. Seriously consider the formation of a citizen’s advisory board to make recommendations to the administrators about ways to decrease the kill rate.
Thank each of you reading this letter for your consideration. If you have shelter concerns, please contact your city or county administrator and share your concerns and suggestions for improvements. A community’s character is reflected in the way it cares for its animals.
Betty Sutton