Blue Ridge Parkway Photos

When I was asked to start sharing some of my photos in a photoblog, I was excited and see it as a chance to share some of the beauty of nature that is all around us. I’ve never been good at “people photos" but, nature seems to be my best medium. I think so many of us allow life to just pass us by and forget to see all the little things and enjoy the beauty all around us everyday.


In keeping with the Blue Ridge Parkway’s 75th Anniversary I thought I would share some of my random shots from the Parkway. I have always loved the Parkway and I guess my favorite thing is seeing how the seasons change. No matter what time of day you are there, there is always something to see and if you’ve been on the Parkway, you know that it all changes with another mile and another curve in the road.

I hope you enjoy the photos and I look forward to sharing more with you.