Better phone service needed

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I am an older widow and maybe considered an outsider, but we have owned a cabin near Flatridge for 45 years. I don’t have any cell service, as I am behind the mountain from the tower. Therefore, I had to rely on a land line over the years.
We started with the “Ma Bell,” long before cell phones, then United Telephone, and finally Centurylink. I realize that I wasn’t in Virginia all year, but I only got 10 days of service in 2017. The guys that actually work on the phone lines are wonderful, but the equipment probably needs updating and that’s not happening.
Also, Centurylink must not realize these guys can’t go a few city blocks between repair calls, but must go mountain miles.
To me, one of the worse things is to have to call the Centurylink automated repair service. The caller has to go through the entire tape before the caller is connected to an offshore person that is usually hard to understand. Their accent can be difficult. On April 27, I called repair, as again I had no dial tone. After pushing “1” over and over, the automated service kept saying “next available” was not available. I also tried “2” for a.m. or “3” for p.m. in hopes that one of them would work. Finally an offshore person came on the line, and told me May 15 was the next appointment. Are you kidding me? That was longer than the 13 days it took last July.
Added to no service, when I put my phone on “vacation” over the winter, they charged me $17.66 a month.
I am so very sorry for my neighbors that have to put up with Centurylink year round. Does that company have a contract with our area? Is there anything that can be done to force that company into a better performance? I have a good high spot up behind my place to put a tower, and I am hoping to offer it, as I cancelled my Centurylink phone since it didn’t work anyway!
Kathy Saunders