9th District needs better representation

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As I drive by the Crossroads Institute, with a parking lot full of cars or when I visit the Blue Ridge Music Center, which draws thousands of tourists from all over the world, I remember fondly the efforts of our former representative, Rick Boucher, and all he did for our 9th District during his 29 years of service.
For almost the last eight years, Morgan Griffith has been our representative. During that period of time, Griffith hardly ever personally visits our 9th District, always sending his so-called “representatives” in his place, claiming his work is in our nation’s capitol. There, he opposes most all legislation that requires any funding, including that which could benefit our district. Instead, those funds end up going to other states to fund their various projects.
Griffith’s compensation has been $174,000 per year, for accomplishing very little, if anything at all. He has now been elected to four consecutive terms as our representative and has yet to prove himself as an effective representative. It’s time for a change.
Fortunately, fellow organic farmer, businessman and economic consultant, Anthony Flaccavento, has come forth to make another run for 9th District representative. He has listened to the concerns of our 9th District residents, many of whom beg for real representation. I have purchased his book “Building A Healthy Economy from the Bottom Up” and he offers genuine effective ideas and hope for struggling local economies, something that Morgan Griffith has not done after almost eight years in office.
The voters of the 9th District now have a golden opportunity to elect a representative who will take a personal interest in our district. Flaccavento will be hosting 100 various town meetings throughout Southwest Virginia, sharing his message to revitalize local economies from the bottom up.
He will be at Crossroads on Dec. 12 from 6 until 7:30 p.m., sharing his message of hope for our district. Flaccavento has the knowledge, experience and personal commitment to truly represent our district, which has been lacking for most of the last eight years.
John Lynch