9/11 Poem: 'We Will Not Forget You'

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To those we loved and lost on Sept. 11, 2001  
By Sharon Kaye Dalton, Hillsville

The people hang their heads and weep and we know not what to say,
To ease the pain and help them through, their hopes and dreams now swept away.
Even though we don’t know each victim, they must be like you and me.
Loved by others and sadly missed, we kneel and pray on bended knee.
Smiles they did bring to daily lives and hugs and kisses they gave,
Before they left their homes not anticipating the tragic fate they’d meet that day.
With smoke and smolder we did watch numbed by horror at the sight,
Of people running everywhere, most gone, we searched both day and night.
I think of the victims’ families and the ones who did survive.
We are here whenever you need us, we’re so happy you’re alive.
We pray that you’ll be strong and determined until the end.
When you feel lost and lonely remember, Jesus is your friend.
He will help you with the pain and loss in the dark hours of the night.
Just close your eyes and talk with him, know that everything will be all right.
And most of all remember when the tears stream down your cheeks,
Your loved ones are in heaven being cherished at His feet.
They celebrate and glorify His Majesty, The King.
They’ll be with choirs of angels in our hearts and in our dreams.