Today's Opinions

  • Americans can't ignore our darker history

    Reparation is defined as the making of amends for a wrongdoing. It is the honest recourse and could be our salvation.
    How absurd that we have neglected our responsibility for so long, and even more absurd, we European Americans continue to deny equal rights to our minorities.
    Ferguson, Mo., is a perfect example. We should be outraged, and in addition to losing their jobs, these officials should be incarcerated.
    It has been 250 years since one of my relatives, Andrew Dinnison, lost his life in the final assault to free our slaves.

  • Law should prohibit dog chaining, tethering

    The cities of Suffolk and Chesapeake passed laws banishing or restricting chaining and also adopted similar legislation on tethering dogs.
    A law should be passed here as well and when the dog warden is called about abuse of an animal, if the warden doesn’t follow up then the warden should be held accountable as well as the owner. Several calls have been made about two dogs that live in filthy conditions. No food. No water. And chained up that they can only move maybe four to five feet.
    Shouldn’t something be done by animal control?

  • Business challenge a good investment for Grayson

    This year, Grayson County has celebrated some important milestones, notably with business growth through the relocation and opening of larger businesses in Independence — Oak Hall Cap and Gown and McAllister Mills being two of the most recent examples.

    It is no secret that Grayson County and its localities are dedicated to becoming a trusted hub for business growth, but they are not just interested in getting the attention of larger corporations; they want local mom and pop businesses to thrive, as well.

  • Saving our history is worth the effort

    It has been brought to my attention that a Hotline caller raised questions regarding the Matthews Living History Farm Museum.
    It sounds as though the caller may have mistaken the museum for Matthews State Forest, which is on U.S. 58. The museum is on White Pine Road at the back of the Matthews estate. It is open daily from sunrise to sunset.
    Currently, it is accessible for self-guided tours only. The cost of even a part-time staff is beyond our means.

  • Treatment of refugees echoes Nazi Germany

    Listening to the Republican candidates, especially Donald Trump, since the awful attacks in Paris, I have been horrified at the hate talk, the lack of charity, and the willingness to throw the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights out the window.

  • Searching for the universal truth

    As another yearly celebration approaches, and families plan their travels and meals, I ponder what is it that I am actually giving thanks for?
    Certainly, we all are grateful for our health, our children, our friends, our freedom and liberty — fought and sacrificed for by our brave men and woman of the military and law enforcement.
    These things are foremost in our minds. But there is a greater thought that I have pondered recently.

  • Galax: wonderful place and people

    When I came here, a police officer handing me a USPS box from my porch stopped at my door and welcomed me.
    Years later, I left my wallet at a local store and it was returned intact immediately. Where else could that happen?
    When I became seriously ill, my neighbors cared for me. Without them, I may not have returned home at all.
    The hospital also welcomed me so I could care for the local children and their parents. These families have done well and I am blessed and rewarded in having helped them as best I could.

  • Violence claiming young lives in America

    I am responding to a news story about an 8-year-old who killed a 1-year-old.
    Something is very wrong in our society where a child kills another. Some people live in a fantasy world and things do not appear what they are.
    What is sad and heartbreaking of the growing violence that has claimed innocent lives is that the ones doing the crimes are so young. It is also a fact that some parents do not care doodly squat what their child does. If they don’t want them don’t have them!