Today's Opinions

  • Letter writer disrespected Pope

    In response to the vitriolic and verbose letter of Kenneth Wayne published in the April 5 issue of the Gazette, apparently he has many axes to grind.
    In his attempt to besmirch the Pope, he wrote “the Pope’s title is VICARIUS FILLI DEI, which blasphemously means 'In place of the Son of God.'"
    The proper translation from Latin to English in Roman Catholic usage is “Representing the Son of God.”
    Mr. Wayne’s use of “in place of” gives an entirely different connotation.

  • Singers, radio station appreciated

    I don’t know who organized the “Sing A Song To God” in April, but a gold star to whoever did.
    I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed anything any more than listening to all those young people singing songs about God.
    He is so important to our young people. Also to older people, too.
    If I could have, I would have given all of them first place. God bless each performer.
    To another subject: WBRF radio’s new format. I listen to the station and although I enjoy the classics, I also enjoy hearing the new country hits too.

  • P.O. food drive was successful

    The city letter carriers, rural carriers and employees of the Galax Post Office express thanks and gratitude for a very successful food drive on May 14.
    We collected approximately 5,400 pounds of food that went directly to Willing Partners. This was an increase from last year of approximately 1,000 pounds.
    We thank all the volunteers that came and helped unload food from our vehicles and loaded it on Willing Partners’ truck.
    Thanks again to all the citizens of Galax.
    Galax Post Office employees

  • Lack of cooperation costly

    The Carroll County Board of Supervisors and the Public Service Authority have asked that we respond to the open letter to citizens of the Town of Hillsville concerning the substantial increase of water and sewer rates the town council is imposing on town citizens.
    On June 14, 2010, Mayor Tate signed the Commission on Local Government’s submission for the annexation of Exit 14. It stated that the county and PSA would provide services in the area of the proposed annexation and that all water and sewer issues are resolved between the town and county.

  • Republicans holding economy hostage

    Here’s another lie that the neoconservatives have invented: “Republicans are more responsible money managers than Democrats.”
    Actually the reverse is true. When Ronald Reagan moved into the White House, the national debt was less than a trillion dollars. It had actually gone down somewhat during the Carter years.
    Reagan’s massive tax cuts for the rich and big corporations along with tiny cuts for working people increased the debt by $1.8 trillion, to $2.87 trillion. George H.W. Bush added another $1.48 trillion.

  • Community-supported acriculture explained

    In response to the Readers’ Hotline caller who had questions about paying a farmer upfront for unknown quantities of various vegetables throughout the season, I want to explain this completely different model of local food production.
    As gas prices rise, food shipped in from huge industrial farms in California or Chile will become more and more expensive.
    We need to return to the days when lots of food was raised locally by small farmers and kitchen gardens.

  • No authority over Allen House

    Regarding a Readers’ Hotline comment published May 9, the home and properties of Sidna Allen were confiscated by the State of Virginia in 1912 to hold pending the outcome of three wrongful death lawsuits filed by descendants of the deceased judge, sheriff and commonwealth’s attorney.
    It was sold at auction and bought by Mr. Allen’s two defense attorneys as an investment. Since then it has changed hands several times and is currently still privately owned.

  • Don't steal from the dead

    I had a friend to fix my Papa’s grave at Midway Baptist church on a Monday. I went Friday to say hi and visit Papa.
    His grave looked like the city dump. All the flowers, angels, the American flag — all was gone.
    Trash was thrown upon Papa’s grave. Everything I bought for Papa, my friend took and my Mom fixed was moved to an American soldier killed a while back.
    Papa was 84 years old, raised kids and served our country by joining the armed forces.