Today's Opinions

  • Sheriff has improved department



    Regarding the history of the Grayson County Sheriff’s Department, I want to share my knowledge and memories of the past, especially for those of you too young to remember, and those who moved to Grayson from other places in recent years.

  • Financial dealings were questionable



    Mark Burnett’s letter published Oct. 12 in The Gazette highlights only one of the many questionable financial dealings reported to take place in the Grayson County government.

  • Burnett known for hard work, honesty

    A very fine man I’ve known for the past 24 years is running for sheriff of Grayson County.

    Mark Burnett and his family and my family have taken a very active part in serving our area through the Galax Volunteer Fire Department.

    Mark gives 100 percent of his time, energy and effort. He’s known for his honesty and hard work.

    May I encourage you to vote on Nov. 8 for Mark Burnett for sheriff of Grayson County.

  • Sheriff's office is professionally run



    I usually don't write letters, I just live and let live.

    But I am writing regarding John Duvall's letter. He basically said everything I had to say about Sheriff Vaughan. It is so nice to have such a professionally-run sheriff's office.

  • Sheriff should be non-partisan



    Four years ago my wife and I voted for the Republican candidate for Grayson County sheriff.

  • Candidate not qualified for job



    On Dec. 1, 2010, I was in a head-on collision on Virginia 89 and Mark Burnett responded with the Galax Fire Department.

    He knew it was me, Kyle Billings.
    I was flown to Baptist Medical Center.

  • School safety never threatened



    I have been a Grayson County Deputy Sheriff for 14 years and was assigned as a school resource officer by Sheriff Richard Vaughan in 2007. I served at Grayson County Career and Technical Education Center for 2010-2011.

  • Littrell has proven himself worthy

    Four years ago, I voted for Tom Littrell as my choice for Carroll County supervisor from Pipers Gap District.

    I knew with his background in so many areas he would prove himself worthy. He has done the job I expected and I encourage you to vote for him in the upcoming elections on Nov. 8.