Today's Opinions

  • Parent warns of lice in school

    I would like to express my concern about lice at Independence Elementary School.

    My daughter brought them home and when I called the school, they only checked my children and not any other children.

    The principal stated that there was a case in fourth grade two weeks earlier, but no letters were sent home to parents.

    I would advise all parents with children in Independence Elementary to check their children's heads for lice

  • Gallimore is best choice for board



    I am pleased that Olen Gallimore is a candidate for Carroll County School Board for the Pine Creek District.

    I have known Olen all of my life and had the pleasure of talking with him during this campaign. I find his common sense approach to school issues and his fiscal restraint refreshing.

  • Sheriff encourages training, work ethic



    As a Grayson County deputy, I enjoy working with some of the finest law enforcement officials and also some of the best citizens a person could hope to be acquainted with.

    Sheriff Richard Vaughan is a progressive and dedicated sheriff that is always thinking of ways to better utilize personnel and resources.

  • Vaughan has made positive changes



    Being a retired Grayson County deputy, I am proud of the positive changes Sheriff Vaughan has implemented.

  • Skills matter, not address



    When the opportunity became available to work for Grayson County, I was eager to apply.

    I sent in my application and went through a test and interview process. I have been with Grayson County Sheriff’s Office now since 2008 and really love working here and the opportunities it has presented.

  • More deputies keep county safe



    Grayson County is a big county for deputies to patrol.

    Since Sheriff Vaughan was elected, I have noticed more deputies on patrol in the Rugby area. Several times while taking our dog out during the early morning hours I have observed deputies doing their job.

  • Sheriff has improved department



    Regarding the history of the Grayson County Sheriff’s Department, I want to share my knowledge and memories of the past, especially for those of you too young to remember, and those who moved to Grayson from other places in recent years.

  • Financial dealings were questionable



    Mark Burnett’s letter published Oct. 12 in The Gazette highlights only one of the many questionable financial dealings reported to take place in the Grayson County government.